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Official name : Romania Harta Romaniei
Forme of government : Republic

Geographic position : SE of Europe, to the N of Balkans, in the inferior basin of the Danube, with an opening to the Black Sea, beeing cut by the carpathian mountains.

Surface : 238.391 km 2 ( 11 place in Europe and 79 in world ).

Limits : 3.175,1 km from which 1036,7 km are terestral and 2.138,4 km are river and maritime.Countrieas sharing borders with Romania are Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldavia and Ukraine.

Population: 22.607.620 habitants ( 1 july 1996 ),8 place in Europe and 38 in the world.Distribution on the nationalities(1992):20.408.542 Romanians(89,47%), 1.624.959 Hungarians(7,12%) , 401.087 gipsy(1,75%), 119.462 Germans(0,52%), 65.764 Ukrainiens(0,29%).

Administrative divisions (1996):41 districts and, separetly , Bucharest, the capital, who is a distict too, 262 towns , 2685 communes, 13.285 villages.

Capital : Bucharest - 2.037.278 habitans (1 july 1996 ).

Towns with more then 100.000 habitans ( 1 july 1996): Arad(185.475),Bacau(208.565),Baia Mare
(149.307),Botosani( 129.019),Brasov(319.908),Braila(235.243),Buzau(149.293),Cluj-Napoca(332.297),
Constanta(346.830),Craiova(310.838),Drobeta Turnu-Severin(118.114),Focsani(100.314),Galati(327.975),
Iasi(346.613),Oradea(223.680),Piatra Neamt(125.803),Pitesti(185.693),Ploiesti(253.623),Ramnicu Valcea
(118.539),Satu-Mare(130.271),Sibiu(169.460),Suceava(117.571),Targu-Mures(166.099),Timisoara (332.277).

Official tongue : romanian: mother-tongue for more than 89 % from the country population.
By its origine, structure and vocabulary romanian is the language who continues directly the latine who was spoken in Dacia and Moesia - two regions in the carpatho-danubiano-pontic space.

National day : 1st December.

National flag : three vertical colours : red, yellow and blue.

National anthem : "Desteapta-te, romane !".

Official time : East Europe time (GMT + 2 hours).

National currency : 1 leu (lei) = 100 bani (bani).

Cults(1992): 19.762.135 Orthodox Christians(87 %), 1.144.820 Catholics (5 %), 804.577 Reformen(3, 5 %), 228.377 Greek Catholics(1%), 220.051 Penthycostals (1%) and the rest are Moslems, Jewish.
Nature : Romania is a carpathian and a danubian country with are opening to the Black Sea.It has a variable and harmonious relief: mountains 31 %, hills and plateaus 33 %, feels 36 %.Romanian Carpaths , with a medium altitude of 840 m.,are situated in the center of the country and they have 3 big divisions : Oriental Carpaths, Meridional Carpaths and Occidental Carpaths.
Oriental Carpaths : situated between north fromntiere and Prahova Valley.The highest mountains are M.Rodnei (2303 m), with varied woods and a lot of depressions( D.Brasov).
Meridional Carpaths : between Prahova Valley and Timis Cerna passage.They are higher then the first groupe( the maximum altitude is Moldoveanu peak - Fagaras Mountains - 2.544 m).
Occidentali Carpaths : between Danube defile(the long in Europe, 144 km) on south and Somes on north .
In this division are included : Banatului Mountains , Poiana Rusca Mountains and Apuseni ; They are less higher, with a lot of depression and frequent phenomens of charst.

Climate - the climate is temperate -continental,characteristic to the Central Europe ( hot summer,cold winters, very distinct seasons, abundant snowfalls especially in the mountains).Warmest areas are in the south.

The fauna : is reach and varied, intersing for its stags, deers, bears, foxes, wild boars and for its rare bird species like : pelikans, otters( in the Danube Delta , chamois, the grouse who are protected by low.

Tourisme : Romania is the owner of all natural conditions to become one of the most important european touristic destination.The most wanted regions are : the Black Sea litoral , Bucharest, Prahova Valley(Sinaia,
Busteni,Azuga,Predeal), Poiana Brasov, Moldavia Monastries, churchs in wood - Maramures, Danube Delta, Bran(Dracula Castle), medieval cities (Brasov,Sighisoara,Sibiu,Medias, Deva,Cluj,Alba-Iulia), watering places(Baile Felix, Baile Herculane, Baile Tusnad,Calimanesti-Caciulata,Olanesti, Sovata, Vatra-Dornei,Eforie Nord etc.), a lot of caves.
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