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Prahova Valley
Predeal Azuga Busteni Sinaia

In the superior side of Prahova county, surrounded by the east side of Bucegi Mountains, it was created a strong chain of climatic station(Breaza, Sinaia , Poiana Tapului, Busteni, Azuga-Prahova county and Predeal- Brasov county)who is one of the most picturequeness toristic zone in Romania.
A big number of marked paths, with a lot of variants and also the ski-lifts Sinaia-heigh 1400-Virful cu Dor and Busteni-Babele-Pestera Ialomitei who make the access easier to the tourists towardas Bucegi Mountains, with megalithic shapes(Sfinx and Babele) and with the possibility to avance towards Omu summit(2.505m), Caraiman(2.384m)

Predeal - always on top !

Vedere Predeal Gara Predeal
Location - on the summit separating the Prahova Valley from the Timis Valley,between the mountain masses Bucegi,Postavaru,Piatra Mare, and Clabucet.
Altitude: 1030 m.
Climate : specific to the apline zones,with highly ozoned air.
Annual average temperature : 5 0 C
Acces routes :
By car : Bucharest - Brasov on DN1( E 60),from Rasnov on DN 73A,junction with DN 1.
By train : Predeal station,on the line Bucharest - Predeal
Destination: rest,winter sports and treatment
Predeal vara - Brasov , Romania
Gara din Predeal
Clabucet Sosire - Predeal Centrul de informare turistica Biserica in Predeal
Vedere Predeal Padure in Predeal Tren - Predeal Telescaun - Predeal
Telescaun - program 9.30 - 16.00 , tarife (august 2002) :
dus 50.000 lei/persoana ,intors 30.000 lei/pers.
dus - intors 60.000 lei/persoana.

Predeal iarna - Brasov , Romania
Tren in gara Predeal Muntii iarna - Predeal Gara din Predeal - iarna Apus de soare in Predeal

Touristic strong points :
In Predeal : skiing tracks with slopes of different degrees of difficulty;electric chair from Clabucet Sosire to Clabucet Plecare ,Orizont and Trei Brazi;trips along marked paths in the mountain masses sorrouding the resort ; skating ring.
In Brasov : Black Church; Weavers 'Bastion ; House of Mures zone inhabitans; Museum of Scheii Brasovului;
the walled town; the remains of Brasovia walled town;botanical reservation; Mountain Tampa.
In the surrounding area : Bran Castle ; Peles Castle in Sinaia ; Transylvania Saxons ethnographic centre of Prejmer ; Roman camp Cumidava from Rasnov.

The grat number of varied ski slopes,with a large range of dificulty degrees,make of Predeal the paradise of children during the white season, and, at the foot of Clabucet mountain there exits a marvelous place where they can have both instructive and enjoyable holidays, where they can begin new sports or improve abilities in the sports or improve abilities in the sports they already practice, namly Chalet Fulg de nea ( Snow Flake Chalet), witch for children means FUN and FRIENDSHIP, ACTIVITY and ADVENTURE, and for their parents means TRANQUILITY, grace to the good care of qualified staff.

Chairlift - program 9.30 - 16.00 , price (august 2002) : one way 2 USD/pers,return 1 USD/pers.
going-return 2 USD/pers.

Le grand nombre de pistes de ski, à degrée variés, font de Predeal, pendant la saison blanche, un vrai paradis des enfants et au pied du Clabucet il existe un endroit où ils peuvents passer des vacances à la fois agréables et instructives, où ils peuvent s'initier ou bien se perfectionner dans les sports d'hiver, où ils peuvent developper leur talents, un endroit qui s'apelle le chalet Fulg de nea( Flocon de neige) qui, pour les enfants, signifie AMUSAMENTS et AMITIE, ACTIVITE et AVENTURE et pour les parents la TRANQUILITÉ de savoir leurs enfants bien soignés par un personnel qualifié.

Predeal - partii de schi,ski slopes
Nume Grad dificultate Lungime Diferenta de nivel Inclinatie
Name Difficulty level Length Difference of level Mean dip
Nom Dégree diffcultée Longeur Diference de niveau Inclinasion
Cocosul mediu/ medium/ moyen 2250 m 394 18
Clabucet mediu/ medium/ moyen 2100 m 390 20
Subteleferic dificil/ difficult/ difficile 1200 m 350 31
Clabucet sosire usor/easy/ facile 800 m 160 20
zapada artificiala , zapada naturala , iluminat nocturn
Clabucet varianta usor/easy 790 m 160 20
zapada artificiala , zapada naturala
Clabucet scoala f. usor / very easy / très facile 200 m 30 15
Subteleferic St.inf. f. usor / very easy / très facile 670 m 45 7
Clabucet 3 mediu/ medium/ moyen 32000   31
Paraul Rece mediu/ medium/ moyen 520 m 160 21

Predeal - instalatii transport cablu , cable transport | orar/timetable/horaire : 09 - 17.00 ; 09 - 21.00
Nume teleschi Lungime linie Durata Altitudine Capacitate transport
Name of ski-lift Length of line Duration Altitude Transport capacity
Nom Longueur Dirée Altitude -
Ts.Clabucet 1713 m 14 min 1053/1445 m 600 pers./h
Ts.Clabucet 2 1713 m 14 min 1053/1445 m 600 pers./h
Tk.Clabucet sos.1 640 m 4 min 1040/1194 m 600 pers./h
Tk.Clabucet sos.2 648 m 4 min 1040/1194 m 700 pers./h
Tk.Clabucet plecare 489 m 3 min 1271/1420 m 700 pers./h
Miniteleschi 200 m 1 min 1050/1080 m 200 pers./h
Tk.Pãrãul Rece 480 m 3 min 860 /1016 m -
Ts = telescaun / chairlift / telesiège
Tk = teleschi/ski-lift/ télé-ski

Scoli de schi/ Registred ski and snowboard schools / Ècoles de ski et snowboard authorisées
Pret /ora Price / hour Prix/ heure - 6 $
No Societate/ Society / Societé Telefon/Phone/Tel.

Persoana contact/ Contact person /
Personnè a contacter

1 A.S.2 EXTREME 0744 - 335.851 Horvat Razvan
2 CLABUCET SOSIRE 0268 - 455.413 -
3 FOTAL 0268 - 455.671 Olaru Mihai
4 FRATILA SNC 0744 - 368.356 Fratila Mihai
5 FULG DE NEA 0268 - 456.089 Doina Nãrea
6 FUN SPORT 0244 - 323.229 Popescu Mugur

Instructor de schi autorizat/ Registred ski instructors / Moniteurs indépendants auhorisés
No Nume/ Name/ Nom Telefon/Phone/Tel.
1 Costin Dobrotescu 0722 - 884.459
2 Ionel Pogan 0722 - 727.332
3 Liviu -Nicolae Predeleanu 0268 - 456.616 | 0722 - 922.147
4 Dan Salausean 0268 - 455.405

Sledge to rent: 5 E/hour ; ski : 10 EUR/day
Stratul de zapada / Snow layer thickness / Épaisseur de la couche de neige
: 40-50 cm
Zapada / Snow / Neige : 21.XII - 14.III

Autobus / Bus timetable / Horaire des autobuses

Intre 7 dimineata si 9 seara,la fiecare 30 de minute trece un microbus ce are ca traseu :Bucuresti - Brasov - Bucuresti - opreste in Predeal in spatele garii.
From 7.a.m. every 30 minutes buses towards Brasov and towards Bucharest stop in Predeal,at the bus near railway station.
Entre 7h et 21 h, à un interval de 30 minutes,des autobus vers Brasov et vers Bucharest arrent pres de la gare de Predeal.

Telefoane utile / Useful phone numbers / Numéros de téléphones utiles:
Centrul de Informare si Promovare a Turismului - Predeal
Centre for Information & Promotion of Tourism - Predeal
Centre d'Information et Promotion du Tourisme - Predeal
Str.Intrarea Garii nr.1 (in spatele garii - Predeal )
Telefon / Fax : 0268 - 455.330 |
Federatia Romana de Schi si Biatlon
Romanian Federation for Skiing and Biatlon
Féderation Roumanie pour Ski et Biatlon
Telefon : 0268 - 455.724
Asociatia Ghizilor Montani din Romania
Association of Mountain Guides in Romania
L' Association des Guides de Montagne de Romanie
Str.Toamnei nr.2, 2200 - Brasov, judetul Brasov
Telefon: 0268- 310.810 |Fax: 0268- 310.810
Salvamont / Mountain Rescue / Salvamont Predeal 0268 - 456.269 | 0268 - 456.237
Salvamont / Mountain Rescue / Salvamont Sacele 0268 - 270.600 | 0722 - 730.759
Banca/ Bank / Banc 0268 - 455.216
Casa de schimb / Exchange office/ Bureau d'échange 0268 - 455.980
Dispecerat cazare/Accomodation /Centre d'hébergement 0268 - 455.042
Farmacie / Pharmacy / Pharmacie 0268 - 456.038
Gara / Railway station / Gare 0268 - 456.330
Inchirieri auto / Rent a car 0268 - 471.485
Pompieri / Fire Station / Pompiers 981
Politie / Police station / Police 0268 - 456.119
Primarie / Town Hall / Hotel de ville 0268 - 455.256
Taxi 0268 - 457.100

Location : town in Prahova county on the superior side of Prahova Valley, to the feet of Bucegi Mountains, at 60km N-W from Ploiesti and 136km away from Bucharest.
Historical dates:town was founded in 1830.Untill 1881 its name was Intreprahove.
Climat:specific to the alpine zones, stimulative,ozoned.
Annual average temperature:70 C
Access routes:
-by car:Bucharest-Brasov on DN1(E60) from Rasnov on DN73A junction with DN1.
-by train:Azuga station, on the line Bucharest-Brasov.
Destination:rest, winter sports, trips.
Postal code:2188.
Salvamont/Mountain Rescue : 0244-320.322

Touristic atractions :
1.Olimpic skiing tracks(3042 lenght) with cable transport instalations.
2.Straw Fair (towards Predeal).

Targ de paiePodCentrul orasuluiVedere spre cruceHotel Azuga 1*

Azuga - partii de schi,ski slopes
Nume Grad dificultate Lungime Inclinatie
Name Difficulty level Length Mean dip
Nom Dégree diffcultée Longeur Altitude
Stalom Sorica dificil/ difficult/ difficile 2100 m -
Olimpica dificil/ difficult/ difficile 3042 m -

Azuga - instalatii transport cablu , cable transport
Nume teleschi Lungime linie Altitudine Capacitate transport
Name of ski-lift Length of line Altitude Transport capacity
Nom Longueur Altitude -
Ts.Sorica 1830 m 978 / 1539 m 400 pers./h
Tk. 166 m 976/1140 m 600 pers./h

Busteni - "The Enter In Bucegi"
Location:135km away from Bucharest and 37km away from Brasov.
Surraunded by Caraiman Mauntains (2384m) and Costila Mauntains(2489m)
, traversed by Prahova river.Bucegi-ancient center of romanian tourisme and alpeineering- known as "Door of Bucegi Mountains" is in the same time the most important departure point towards Bucegi Mountains.To Busteni, more than anywhere else,Busteni Mountains make known their beauties:Piatra Arsa,Jepii mari and Jepii mici,Caraiman Mountains with their monument dedicated to heros who died in the first world war,Costila peak overnamed " paradise of the alpinist".
Altitude: 800-950m.
Climat:specific to the alpine zones
,with ozoned air.
Annual average temperature:50C.
Access ways:
-by car:Bucharest- Brasov on DN1(E60)
from Rasnov on DN73 A junction with DN1
-by train:Busteni station
,on the line Bucharest-Brasov.
Destination:rest,winter sports, trips (by option).

Cable transport:
Telecabine:Busteni - Babele(4350m),difference of level 1235m, time 13'
,capacity 25 persones.
Telecabine:Babele-Pestera(2611m),difference of level 560m, time 10', capacity 35 persones.
Touristic circuits:
a)Busteni-Urlatoarea Waterfall( 1 hour),marked with blue.
b)Busteni- Gura Dihamului Waterfall-Diham Challet(2 hours and 30'), marked with red.
c)Busteni- Plaiul Muticelu-Poiana Costilei-Cerbului Valley-Omu Challet(6-7 hours), marked with red triangle and yellow band.
d)Busteni-Poiana Costilei-Pichetul Rosu-Malaiesti Challet(4 hours),accesible way only in summer,in winter -only to the alpinists, marked with a red triangle.
e)Busteni-Cantonul Jepi-Piatra Arsa Challet(3 hours and 30'), marked with blue triangle.

Pictures from Busteni - county Prahova , Romania
Babele Sfinxul - Busteni Heros Cross Last grenada monument Domneasca Church Cascada Urlatoare din Busteni
Telecabina in Busteni Telecabina in Busteni
Hotel Silva 2** Busteni

Touristic atractions:
1.Babele si Sfinxul - natural monuments
2.Heros Cross -on Caraiman Mountains, raised up between 1926-1928 and is dedicated to the heros who died in the first world war.The cross is 33m higher.
3.Zoological Garden-appreciated for its exemles from the Carpathian faune.
4".Ultima Grenada" (Last Grenade)monument-dedicated to Vasile Musat the hero died in the first world war.The monument was built in 1928.
5.Memorial House"Cezar Petrescu"-built in a romanian style,where the writer created the biggest part of his work.In this house is evocated his life and his activity(1892-1961)
6.Urlatoarea Waterfall- 1 hour and a half distance from Busteni.

Sinaia - "Carpathians Perle" 42 pictures Peles Castle
Location:in Prahova county, situated on the superior water way of Prahova river, to the SE feet of Bucegi Mountains and SVfeet of Baiului Mountains, to 62km NV from Ploiesti and 102km away from Bucharest.
Population:15.063 habitants.
Railway station inaugurated at 10 june 1979.
Historial dates:Sinaia is for the first time attested in 1690when around Sinaia Monastery, for its security,were builtthe first dwellings for tax-exempted peasants who formed later a stable population.Initialy, it was a village calld Izvorul, the actual name is from 1874.Ithas been declartated town since 1880 when the city became the summer residence of king Carol I.
In present, Sinaia is a very important touristic center ansd the place where national and international conferences take place;there are special places for winter sports:bobsleigh track-1.500m,13 curves and a difference of level of 132m.;ski tracks with different degres of difficulty(Carp-2500m-difficult;Papagal-2140m-difficult;Touristic-2800m-medium,etc),sledge tracks etc.

A big number of marked paths,modern highway with access for cars up to the quote 1400; ski-lift(fonctionable since 1971).-with a capacity of 35 persones(Sinaia -quote 1400) and 28 persones(quote 1400-Varful cu Dor Challet-2000maltitude)and chair-lift quote 1400-Varful cu Dor-unite the center of the town and Bucegi Mountains peak.
Sinaia is a departure point to the challet of Bucegi Mountains(Quote 1500;Varful cu Dor-2000m altitude) and those of Baiului Mountains(Cainelui Peak-950m)
Climat:specific to the alpine zones, ozoned air.
Annual average temperature:60C.
Access ways:
-by car:Bucharest- Brasov on DN1(E60) from Rasnov on DN73A junction with DN1.
-by train:Sinaia station on the line Bucharest-Brasov.
Destination:rest, winter sports,trips and tratament.
Postal code:2180.


Tracks for ski are divided in two on the Varful cu Dor Mountain (2030m)

West side of the mountain who has the electric chair Dorului Valley, completed with ski-lift (2)- one of them beeing in a very good function.This is the side of the mountain who receive the biggest number of skiers.Regularity of the tracks and their longness favourise the practicing on a large scale of the ski beeing used the
main circuit and also the second circuit(red and blue colours).
The east side of the mountain who dominate Sinaia lies all along the line of the electric cabine.
Of a very good quality , Carp slope is almost parallel with the line of the electic cabine, beeing marked with black because of it high degree of difficulty.
Vanturis slope lies all along the ancient forest way and present itself like an homogenous band.Both slopes allow the arrival to quote 1400 offering a very atractive ski reserved to avanced and very avanced skiers.
Other slope (more limited like side)existed.In present an unfunctionable cable transport makes inaccesible those slopes and that's why they are not so frequented.


Sinaia offer to the tourists a big number of possibilities to practice their favourite sports.

Tracks for the beginners
The beginners have on their disposition Poiana Florilor track with a medium degree of difficulty- 250m - and a difference of level of 50m.
-The skiers with a medium instruction have on their disposition Vanturis track( make the conection between Varful cu Dor and Quote 1400)-2350m, a difference of level of 560m and a medium slope of 24,5%;
-Piramida track(conect Varful cu Dor and Varful cu Dor challet , with a difference of level of 100m, a lenght of 450m and a medium slope of 25,8%);
-Dorului track - conect Varful cu Dor and Dorului Valley challet - with a track of 600m lenght, a difference of level of 150m and a medium slope of 25,8%;
-Fata Dorului track- conect Furnica and Dorului Valley with a lenght of 1180m, a difference of level of 210m and a medium slope of 25,8%.

Tracks for the avanced.Avanced skiers have on disposition difficult tracks too:
-Carp track-conect Furnica peak and quote 1400, has a lenght of 2500m, a difference of level of 585m and a medium slope of 24%;
-Papagal track- conect Tarla and the electric chair- 450m lenght- , difference of level-150m, medium slope-35,3%;
-1500track- 450m lenght, difference of level-125m and the medium slope-28,9%;
-Turistica track-conect Quote 1400 and Sinaia,-2800m, difference of level -450m and the medium slope-16,6%.

For those who prefere touristic trips or for the fond skiers is recommended the track of the Bucegi Plateau, with a lenght of 8000m and a difference of level of 100m.

For practicing sledge there is Drumul Vechi- quote 1300 track -lenght 300m, a difference of level of 60m and bobsleigh track -Furnica-Sinaia arranged for the competitions with a lenght of 1500m and a difference of level of 30m.

The competitions of bobsleigh, sledge and skeleton take place on a special track, situated on the west side of the station, towards the road to Alpin Hotel-Quote 1400m.The track has a lenght of 1500m.Difference of level beteen the departure point and the arrival point is 134m;there are 13 curves, with a medium slope of 9%, minimal slope of 3% and the maximal point of 14%.Bobsleigh for two persons can tuch the speed of 110km/h and the sledge for four persons -120km/h.

Technical dates, ski schools and rent centers .
Ski alpin tracks have totaly the lenght of 11500m(14,8% from the total of the mountain offer),capacity of 7000persons/h and different degrees of difficulty.
For children and adults between 15 Decembre and 15 april ski schools are in fonction who organize for groupes of 10-12 touristes, 2hours/day in the interval 4-6 day.
Centers for rent sportiv equipements:Sinaia , New Montana ,Alpin,Palace, Holiday Inn.

Technical caractheristics of ski tracks:
Name of track Lenght Difficulty Observations
Carp 2.500 m black -
Vanturis 2.350 m red can be completed with a section of track - black colour(Papagal- Tarle)
Valea Dorului 1.180 m red the electric chair from Dorului Valley
Turistica 2.800 m red between quote 1400 -Sinaia town
Dorului 600 m red Dorului 600m- red colour

Cable instalations are various:two elecric cabines between Sinaia and Quote 1400- lenght 2328m and Quote 1400 -Quote 2000 with a lenght of 1945m;two chair-lift between Quote 1400-Quote 1950(lenght 1940m- who is not functionable and between Dorului Valley- Furnica(lenght-980m); four ski-lift:Dorului Valley-Varful cu Dor,Quote 1400- Quote 1500,Varful cu Dor- Varful cu Dor challet with a total lenght of 1484m and five baby ski- lifts:Poiana Florilor-250m, Scandurari-200m, Dorului Valley-200m, telecabine-250m, Furnica-250m.
Technical performances of cable instalations-3345 persons/h and total lenght of the cable is 9827m.


1. Peles Castle- built between 1873-1883 by the order of Carol of Hohenzollern , first king of Romania.
The second flour of the castle was built between 1896-1914 in the German Rennaissance style by the plans of viennes architect Wilhelm von Doderer and those of german architect Johann Schultz , with gottic transformations made by the architect Karinel Liman between 1896-1914. The castle has 160 rooms and a central tower - 66m high.
The castle was the summer residence of thr royal family(untill1947), today is a museum with colections of paintings, carpets , furniture,etc.
Catelul Pelisor - Sinaia 2 Pelisor Castle- situated near by Peles Castle, initialy destinated to prince Ferdinand I, in present museum.
Manastirea Sinaia 3.Sinaia Monastery -with the old church, was built between 1690-1695, by the order of Mihail Cantacuzino (the sun of seneschal Constantin Cantacuzino), by the model of "Saint Helene" Monastery on Sinai Mountain.
  4.The Casino- building raised up in 1912 by the plans of the architect Petre Antonescu.
5.Quote 1400.
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