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Latest News in Romanian Tourism

Ice Hotel welcomes tourists for winter celebration

Spending New Year's Eve at a temperature of two or three degrees is a unique opportunity at the Ice Hotel at Balea Lac in the Fagaras moutains.

The Ice Hotel at Balea Lac will be open for the fifth year and has ten rooms for tourists.

The ice-sculptured hotel’s rooms have been booked well in advance. Foreign tourist choose it for its Romanian atmosphere, while Romanians experience partying and sleeping in rooms made of ice on beds made of ice that are covered with furs.

The owners of the hotel have also built an ice church at Balea Lac.

The price of a room this year is 25 Euros.

For more information, see

Publishing Date: December 29, 2009 at 09:06

Snow Trains 2009-2010
CFR Passengers announce that, starting with the date December 13, 2009, released "Snow Trains offer travel-2009/2010", valid until February 28, 2010. This offers lovers of winter sports multiple choice travel to / from mountain is addressed to all ages and groups of minimum 10 people, being available at:

- all trains connecting Bucharest and Prahova Valley mountain resorts: Sinaia, Busteni, Azuga, Predeal, Brasov;
Wah trains with destination Bucharest, Suceava, Iasi, Cluj Napoca and return;
trains connecting Bucharest - Piatra Neamt and return;
trains with the destination of Galati Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Oradea and Suceava.

Tariff reductions are:

This year's novelty consists in applying the tariff reduction of 20% from Monday to Thursday, for all passengers, regardless of age, 2nd class, which travel on the direct relationship, and as a point of departure / destination a station the department Breaza-Brasov, Wah station with trains Acc 1653.1654 or R train station in Piatra Neamt 651/657, 658/652

tariff reduction of 25% in 2nd class for group travel (minimum 10 people) round trip, the train of any rank, the relationships are calatoriece point of departure / destination station on a section Breaza-Brasov Wah bus station or Piatra Neamt. This is increased by 2% for every 8 persons in addition to groups of over 50 people (in group travel tourism offer "Snow Trains" does not apply to groups already have another discount). Roundtrip ticket validity is 30 days after the holiday shower.

Travel tourism offer "Snow Trains" can be purchased at travel agencies or the railway ticket counters inside the railway station in anticipation of up to 30 days.
The tender will be sold as a basic option for those who do not benefit from other facilities.
Passengers who choose to offer "Snow Trains" not eligible for other discounts granted on the basis of laws.

CFR Passengers and advise passengers to buy tickets early. Also, the reservation may be made by phone on departure day train as: Bucharest - the number 004 021/9522; 0040268 421 700 Brasov, Cluj Napoca - 0040264 952, Brasov - 0040268 421700, Iasi - 0040232 202,777, Galati 0040236 496 000, Constanta 0040727 999 952, Timisoara 0040256 200 457.

Additional information on stations and railway agencies in Bucharest and the country or at the phone number 004 021/9521

Publishing Date: December 29, 2009 at 09:06

Tickets are sold CFR Passengers travel agency

Tickets are sold CFR Passengers travel agencyLaunched in October the NHS CFR Tickets Online ", where passengers will have the option of purchasing via the Internet, online payment, the railway tickets for domestic traffic at all fast trains,
Fast and intercity. Thus, any user, individual or company, registered on the website, will be able to buy train tickets online, all necessary details to be submitted following the trip via email, accessible and the user profile.

Service "CFR Online Tickets" can be used by travel agencies, as "authorized distributors", will be able to sell railway tickets online for their clients. To become an "authorized distributor" of the service is necessary to have a license travel company and to conclude a service contract with CFR Passengers. Also, use of the service "authorized distributor" does not involve additional costs. Service "CFR Online Tickets" can be used by any PC connected to the Internet, and the tickets can print to any printer, not need specialized equipment. MT CFR specifies that the tickets online does not allow postponement, anticipation or trip interruption, and the maximum number who may require travel to places in a single online transaction varies depending on the type of wagon.
Also, with the launch of this service, CFR Passengers and operates the company's new website which will allow readiness services: CFR Tickets Online "and" Book Online "(reservation of seats online for domestic traffic individuals, without paying their place), but also easy access to information about offers and services available to passengers.

According to MT, buying train tickets online presents a series of avanteje, including:

- Saving time, avoiding the congestion of railway stations and agencies, because it will not to go to units for sale to purchase the railway tickets.
- Railway tickets purchased online are nominal, and travelers may submit an application to train with these patterns (any printer) or "ID ticket" plus an ID. It is advisable to train clients to present the printed ticket. Tickets can be purchased anytime and anywhere in the country, 7 days in 7, but in advance between 3 and 30 days for adults, children, pupils or students, all trains reservation regime in domestic traffic. Online payment will be made by bank card using a product ecommerce provided by Raiffeisen Bank.

Source: NATA Media Magazine
Publishing Date: December 29, 2009 at 09:05


Association Seaside - Danube Delta will organized on January 30, 2010 the third edition of "Great New Year of Tourism 2010", the only event of its kind on the coast, dedicated workers travel across the country.

As I have used in previous editions, we invite you to spend an unforgettable evening with your colleagues and partners in Eforie Nord - Hotel Europa!
full details and application forms:

Publishing Date: December 24, 2009 at 09:05

Photo concurrence "your winter holidays with an agency ANAT"

National Association of Travel Agencies from Romania launches between December 25, 2009 to February 15, 2010 first photography contest, "your winter holidays with an agency ANAT" addressed to tourists spending winter holidays through NATA member agencies.

As you know, always trying to make the site more useful and enjoyable NATA for its visitors. He came among us to do and a menu for tourists and in the spirit of winter holidays - we launched a contest through which it will be rewarded for having chosen to travel with NATA agencies.

I expected photos travel enthusiasts surprised "souvenir photo" of their holiday. This contest is a challenge for those who have a camera and at the same time desire to use it in a creative reason!

We consider such trafficking as we grow the NATA website, this time in the campaign promoting the site heavily "Select Travel Agency - Travel with NATA!"

Like any contest that respect, it will have some prizes:
Place 1: A vacation at sea offered by the Association ABROAD - Danube Delta, 5 nights Hotel Tomis - mother in a period that will agree with the organizers;
Place 2: A mountain minivacanta offered by Mistral Voyages, 2 nights at the Hotel Mistral Resort Moieciu - 1 double room accommodation with full board - in a period that will agree with the organizers.

Source: NATA
Publishing Date: December 24, 2009 at 09:03

Travel Guidelines for Winter Holidays

Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the Romanian citizens who want to spend the holiday abroad and launch the second edition of "guide and travel for the winter holidays.

The material includes information concerning conditions of entry and residence arrangements for 20 of favorite tourist destinations in this period by the Romanian citizens as well as general information on consular assistance that can benefit if necessary. Also, guidelines contain recommendations on holidays with car travel abroad.

MFA recommends Romania to inform tourists before departure on travel conditions in the destination country. Therefore, we recommend that Romanian citizens before any trip abroad, check tips, conditions and travel alerts site, under "Travel advice" and other official information provided by authorities country they wish to move.

Full visa regime for Romanian citizens are found on the ministry's website at, the "Visa and Consular Services -> Visa -> visa regime for Romanian citizens.

Source: MFA
Publishing Date: December 24, 2009 at 09:02

Elena Udrea received favorable opinion in parliament for the position of Minister of Regional Development and Tourism.

Elena Udrea, proposed to the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, was favorable opinion of expert committees, with 43 votes for, 4 against and one abstention. Elena Udrea was heard by the Committee on Public Administration, Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance, Industry and Services Committee (Chamber of Deputies), Committee on public administration, territorial organization and environmental protection and the Economic Commission, industry and services (the Senate).

Publishing Date: December 24, 2009 at 09:00

Skal Club Romania has a new Executive Board - December 16, 2009

Romania Skal Club members active in the tourism industry, elected a new executive board in the office of President is Michele Meoni (pictured) - CEO of Continental Hotels, and vice-president is occupied by Sonia Nastase - CEO Howard Johnson Grand Plaza.
After 8 years of activity in Romania as president Skal, Antoni Kühnen, founding member, has handed Michele Meoni. For contributing to the development Skal Romania, Anthon Kühnen was declared honorary president of the club.

At the same time as Secretary General was named Otilia Demian - Sales Continental Hotels, and was elected treasurer Michael Rajna - Secretary General of Romania Hotel Industry Federation.

Communication & PR will be responsible Nicoleta Marin Paraschiv - National Accounts Director Global Cynergies and function of international relations & business affairs will be occupied by Javier Garcia del Valle - Vice President HappyTour.

Special Project was named Lucian Boronea - General Accent Travel & Events.

Board of management Skal Romania changed from free to a date 2 years.

At 10 years of existence in Romania, Romania Skal objective is the establishment of new regional branches in the cities of Sibiu, Oradea, Brasov, Tg. Mures, Constanta and Suceava.

Skal Romania is an organization that brings together all sectors of the tourism industry: hotels, tour operators, transport operators and event organizers, and other related services in the field of hospitality.

Currently, Skal Club Romania counts 76 members, 14 of them being founding members.

Skal is the abbreviation of 4 Scandinavian words: Sundheit (health), Karlek (friendship / love), Alder (long life) and Lyka (happiness).

Publishing Date: December 24, 2009 at 08:28

Alexeni city, near Urziceni - Berceanu proposed airports, which serve Bucharest

Appointed Minister of Transports, Radu Berceanu (PDL), like the future near Bucharest airport to be built at Alexeni, near Urziceni, Ialomita county and not in Adunatii Copaceni proposed location of the former Minister of Transport Ludovic Orban (PNL), write Mediafax.
"The future of the Bucharest airport, made the concession, I think the Alexeni should be, where there was already a runway, we could get one in November and give a concession," said Tuesday Berceanu.

Publishing Date: December 24, 2009 at 08:18

Elena Udrea received favorable opinion in parliament for the position of Minister of Regional Development and Tourism.

Elena Udrea, proposed to the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, was favorable opinion of expert committees, with 43 votes for, 4 against and one abstention. Elena Udrea was heard by the Committee on Public Administration, Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance, Industry and Services Committee (Chamber of Deputies), Committee on public administration, territorial organization and environmental protection and the Economic Commission, industry and services (the Senate).

Date: December 22, 2009

Skal Club Romania has a new Executive Board - December 16, 2009

Romania Skal Club members active in the tourism industry, elected a new executive board in the office of President is Michele Meoni (pictured) - CEO of Continental Hotels, and vice-president is occupied by Sonia Nastase - CEO Howard Johnson Grand Plaza.
After 8 years of activity in Romania as president Skal, Antoni Kühnen, founding member, has handed Michele Meoni. For contributing to the development Skal Romania, Anthon Kühnen was declared honorary president of the club.

At the same time as Secretary General was named Otilia Demian - Sales Continental Hotels, and was elected treasurer Michael Rajna - Secretary General of Romania Hotel Industry Federation.

Communication & PR will be responsible Nicoleta Marin Paraschiv - National Accounts Director Global Cynergies and function of international relations & business affairs will be occupied by Javier Garcia del Valle - Vice President HappyTour.

Special Project was named Lucian Boronea - General Accent Travel & Events.

Board of management Skal Romania changed from free to a date 2 years.

At 10 years of existence in Romania, Romania Skal objective is the establishment of new regional branches in the cities of Sibiu, Oradea, Brasov, Tg. Mures, Constanta and Suceava.

Skal Romania is an organization that brings together all sectors of the tourism industry: hotels, tour operators, transport operators and event organizers, and other related services in the field of hospitality.

Currently, Skal Club Romania counts 76 members, 14 of them being founding members.

Skal is the abbreviation of 4 Scandinavian words: Sundheit (health), Karlek (friendship / love), Alder (long life) and Lyka (happiness).

Publishing Date: December 23, 2009


Today December 22, 2009, held a press conference at the Bistro restaurant Minuet (Bucharest, Romanian Atheneum behind) of the Press Club of Tourism in Romania - PressTour - FIJET Romania. The purpose of this meeting was the signing of a contract of partnership between Tourism Press Club of Romania - travel agency INVITATION PressTour and ROMANIA (Mr. Gheorghe Fodoreanu).
Bucharest, December 22, 2009

press conference Victor Radulescu Presedinte Clubul Presei de Turism din Romania - PressTour - FIJET Romania Corina Scarlat Vicepresedinte Clubul Presei de Turism din Romania - PressTour - FIJET Romania Gheorghe Fodoreanu INVITATION ROMANIA

foto Clubul Presei de Turism din Romania - PressTour - FIJET Romania Ofiter de Presa Clubul Presei de Turism din Romania - PressTour - FIJET Romania se semneaza tratat Victor Radulescu si Gheorghe Fodoreanu


Press Club Tourism - Romania and Agency FIJET INVITATION Romania signed a partnership for five years. Through this agreement the two parties will assist in development efforts in running various events.

Partnership agreement was signed today by Mr.. Victor Radulescu, chairman of the Press Club of Tourism - Press Tour - Romania and Mr. FIJET. Gheorghe Fodoreanu, agency president INVITATION ROMANIA.

The agency will have the status of an official partner of the Club and the image will be protected aceasteia ethics by members FIJET Romania.

Club agency may request logistical support for events organized in Romania or abroad and on all printed club logo will be included in agency partner. The partnership signed today, INVITATION Romania pledged to provide quality services for events to be run by the Club. Club members will have priority access to information on the tourism industry in Romania, information that may be provided by INVITATION ROMANIA - the most important incoming of our country.

The first action to be conducted into this partnership is the Gala Awards Press Tour - Romania FIJET event to be held in Seaside on January 30, 2010 at Hotel Europa in Eforie Nord (in the event organized by Tourism New Year NATA). Another event will be held annually, with the support agency INVITATION Romania will be a cocktail at Snagov Club where members can discuss in an informal environment with partners and close associates.

Tourism Press Club Award Categories - Press Tour - FIJET Romania in 2009 (12 awards)
Media: television, radio, newspaper, media agencies / internet, Periodical / Tourism Literature, Photography / Film Tourist
Tourism Industry: Industry, Hotels, Travel, restaurant, transport, professional education / Spa, ecotourism / tourism

Partnership with Agency ROMANIA INVITATION not include any exclusivity clause, propure Club is open to any partnership or collaboration. To conduct this contract has been designated a team that will stay in touch between the two partners will manage and support events involving agency INVITATION ROMANIA. The team designated the Club is made up of: Corina Scarlat - Vice President of the Club, Gabriel Arsene - Club Treasurer Traian Badulescu - press officer of the Club.
Source: Tourism Press Club of Romania - Press Tour - FIJET ROMANIA
Publishing Date: December 22, 2009

- It is the most important award of incoming tour-operators obtained a Romanian --

Thomas Cook is one of the three giants of world tourism, with the TUI and Neckermann. Thomas Cook France has, year after year, a clientele of more than 400,000 tourists. Each year, programs are subject to a comprehensive assessment against Thomas Cook customers, with the obvious aim of improving communication, loyalty, quality programs on the market, conditions essential for the maintenance of touroperatorilor.

The project "Cultural Circuit Romania - UNESCO values" has been launched by touroperatorul Invitation Romania in 2008, and in the second year final project must be rated as one of the Romanian cultural tours.

The team of Mirela Iordache - CEO Invitation Romania, architect Mircea Savu - Associate certification guide UNESCO Europe and brought
Gheorghe Fodoreanu Romanian tourism, this segment, the most prestigious award ever obtained by the product of cultural circuit in Romania.

This recognition will be awarded at the Gala Awards and Thomas Cook will have the 2010 brochure and a positioning signal exception. As mentioned in catalogs Thomas Cook France, the distinction will be a vector for advertising, promotion, marketing, product sales, this success resulting in similar growing interest towards European tourist destination Romania.

Gheorghe Fodoreanu
Former president of NATA (2006-2007)

Publishing Date: December 22, 2009

PRESS RELEASE Gheorghe Fodoreanu
Monday, December 21, 2009

The discussion started by the dissensions between NATA and Romexpo in the autumn of 2009 is for all travel agencies in Romania early damage to a context of promotion, testing and sale of products of domestic and outgoing tourism, activities that provide 80-90% of budgets Annual necessary. These trade-offs have been triggered by the inability to communicate, installed between the new leadership of the NATA and the Romexpo, a situation worsened at the expense of NATA members.

I am the one who moved the International Tourism Fair of Romania in the spring and fall that triggered reflex local tourism fairs Euroregion, while I was president of NATA. In this capacity, I wish to call attention to the current leadership ANAT following:
1. Grand International Tourism Fair of Romania in 2010 and for the next few years can not be organized only in space Romexpo.
2. Other fairs are NATA needs to tempt commercial fairs, tour-operators in the relationship - networking - final customer.
3. There Bucharest Fair, which is almost implemented in customer buying bucuresean reflex, but no doubt the location is unfortunate elected.
4. Travel Grants, which facilitates meetings between groups of providers and NATA members can be held in separate locations, but only to take into account the purpose of each deal. For example, Bucharest Tourism Fair, with soft sales record of touroperatorilor program has two priorities indisputable: the need for a downtown location plus minimum 6 sqm space for each exhibitor.
5. Fair is the meeting between producers and specialists reseller networks, the meeting between tour-operators and various service providers (hotels, transport, restaurants, airlines, etc.).. May be held in autumn, with two days plus two days dedicated to the sale of business meetings in Bucharest or elsewhere, or by rotating locations.
6. Travel scholarships, meetings between groups of providers and tour-operators should be only two per year (September - Seaside plus delta, October - spa, skiing, mountain tours, rural tourism).

This structure take into account the interests of fair NATA members, of changes in the market because Internet development, lack of time and the availability of travel agencies and owners is an existing Western model, experienced and effective.

Gheorghe Fodoreanu
Former president of NATA (2006-2007)
Source: Gheorghe Fodoreanu
Publishing Date: December 21, 2009

Around 164,000 Romanians will visit Austria over the winter holidays

Romanian Times
Around 164,000 Romanian tourists will visit Austria over the winter holidays, according to the Austrian Tourism Bureau in Bucharest.

Their number may be two per cent lower than last year, according to the Bureau, which said 212,534 Romanians had visited Austria during the first nine months of 2009, according to Mediafax.

The Bureau predicted Vienna would continue to be Romanians' favourite destination, as last winter 93,500 Romanians visited it, followed by Kaprun, Zell am See, Sölden and Innsbruck.

A Romanian tourist spends on average 143 Euros a day during the winter season, compared to an international average of 140 Euros.

Romanian tourism officials said 60 per cent of Romanians preferred packages that included accommodations and breakfasts.

Publishing Date: December 17, 2009

PRESS RELEASE ANAT Winter 2009 - 2010

For the period of winter holidays, ANAT projected to decrease by more than 10% over the previous year the movement of tourists. To date, travel packages and places owned by the hotel staff were sold at a rate of 70-80%.

It noted an increase in tourism demand for the Christmas period, both internally and externally. Reasons: familiarity Romanians to go with family for Christmas, obtained in recent years, and lower rates during this period, to New Year period.

1. Holiday travel packages (hotel and villas in the Prahova Valley area, Predeal, Poiana Brasov, Bran-Moieciu Borsa Arieşeni, Păltiniş Campulung Moldovenesc etc..)
2. Resort packages (Baile Felix, Călimăneşti-Căciulata, Wah, Buziaş, Covasna, baths Herculane Govora baths, etc..)
3. Rural tourism packages (Bran Moieciu, Maramures, Bucovina, Marginimea Sibiu, Vrancea, Mountains)
4. Packages in cities (Bucharest, Brasov, Arad, Timisoara, Constanta, Oradea, Iasi, etc..)
5. Packages Seaside (Mamaia, Mangalia, Eforie Nord)
6. Packages in the Danube Delta

1. Winter Packages (Austria, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia)
2. European cities (Paris, Vienna, Barcelona, Prague, Rome, Budapest, Athens, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan)
3. Destinations and Coastal Mediterranean (Egypt - may be the beach, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Tunisia, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Israel, Mediterranean cruises)
4. Luxury and exotic destinations (Dominican Republic, Finland Lapland, Thailand, Cuba, Brazil, Mauritius, Maldives, Caribbean, Mexico, ocean cruises).

Unfortunately, the chapter incoming winter season does not attract many tourists gathered in Romania. Most are individual and choose rural hostels. Most groups are in the first half of January, the former Soviet space. Thanks to improve relations with Moldova, expects more tourists from the neighboring country.
1. Resorts (Sinaia, Predeal, Poiana Brasov, Bran Moieciu Slănic Moldova) - Groups of Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Hungary, individual tourists from Greece, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom.
2. Tourism (Maramures, Bucovina, Apuseni Mountains, Marginimea Sibiu) - individual tourists from Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, France etc..)

ANAT expects the 2010 Romanian tourism to recover from 2009 and record a slight increase of at least 5%.
A recovery in tourism, both domestic and incoming and external, can be ensured by the following factors:
- Developing programs for early booking
- Developing programs and special offers
- Diminishing or stagnant prices
- Maintenance of the Ministry of Tourism
- Adoption Law Tourism
- Develop concept of holiday tickets
- Slight growth compared to 2009, provided by specialists.

Experience of 2009, do not believe that we will see bankruptcies of some major tour-operators. Travel agencies ANAT States have shown that through flexibility and quality services can come through the crisis. We will continue to forge alliances between agencies, especially for travel packages with charter flights operated. If the factors mentioned above will be true, it is possible that in the second half of next year, from August to September, to see a substantial return to the same period in 2009.
Bucharest, December 16, 2009

Prices charged by travel agencies ANAT are up to 30% below the rates of acceptance
A study by NATA on packages offered by member agencies in 2009, compared with rates for accommodation and transport that customers can obtain on their own revealed the following:

* Prices of accommodation charged by travel agencies shall ANAT are always lower than the rates offered directly by the units receiving the hotel. In many cases accommodation prices offered by travel agencies are up to 30% lower than the rates of arrival.
o Examples: for 2009-2010 winter season accommodation prices offered by travel agencies shall ANAT are even with only 50% reception rates for cities such as Vienna, Prague, Dubai but also in the Romanian mountain resorts.


* Prices for transport by charter member agencies provided by NATA for the summer-winter holidays are much smaller than regular airline fares purchased early, arriving to compete for larger distances with low cost airlines rates or expenditure transpotului personal car.

* Overall, in 2009, customers who bought packages through travel agencies shall ANAT have saved up to 50%.
an example: package travel agencies shall NATA for Antalya - Turkey this season are 50% lower than the cost of accommodation and transport can be obtained by a tourist on your own (accommodation + ticket)


"It is the benefit of the customer to understand better how the system works as a travel agency. Contrary to myths on the market, the agencies do not earn commission received from customers but from volume discounts obtained from hotel unit. It is therefore in their interest to sell as much as low prices. Even now, in winter 2009-2010, a double room at a hotel in the reception Moeciu cost 70 EUR / night but those who buy through travel agents States ANAT pay only 53 euros / night. Therefore speak of an economy by 30% only for accommodation, not add to the value added of the peace of knowing that everything is booked in advance and are free from surprises, "said Corina Martin, President of Employers Anat.

According to the same study, in 2009, 85% of hotel units on the Romanian coast were sold through travel agencies. Of this percentage, about 15% were sold by interemdiul program "Early Booking - Early Sign-ups" that brought tourists an additional discount of 20%.

In 2009, travel agents States ANAT sold 1.2 million packages over 3 million foreign and domestic tour packages on.

NATA launched in October 2009 education campaign "Choose Travel Agency - Travel with NATA" by seeking correct information to the public on the benefits they can obtain by purchasing travel packages through travel agencies shall Anat.

Patronage of the National Association of Travel Agencies in Romania (ANAT), is an organization aimed at representing and defending the professional interests of its members on domestic and international tourism Occupation ensuring and enhancing the contribution to raising the quality level of tourist activity in Romania.

For more information:
Traian Bădulescu
Press Counselor ANAT
Mobile: 0722.766.255, 0749 05 05 82
Source: NATA
Publishing Date: December 17, 2009

Train tickets in a network of agencies Eurolines

It is well positioned as a mix of products and distributor of complete solutions for the travel industry Eurolines group.
This idea was a matter of time before the removal of the train ticket.

Through our network of agents, we offer you the possibility to buy train tickets to any destination, both in Romania and Europe.

Among your benefits, we can mention: raspanadire area agencies (in all major cities of the country), their central location, well-trained agents and fast in processing applications - these things increase the accessibility and speed with which you can buy train tickets.

Developing a little, I wanted to bring this service to Eurolines agencies that can add value-added product, using the strengths that you already have. Thus, you can save time, formulating an e-mail request by a consultant Eurolines, you can choose to send you the train ticket by courier to the address requested or can choose to pay via online banking.
Another strength worth mentioning, that supports the mix of products Eurolines network, is that you find in one place and transportations and lodging, this mix is actually the most important.

Finally, we think it must sets the range of services they provide are Eurolines: package tours, air tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, individual accommodation, medical insurance, rent a car. Remember the voucher and present, because the destination is sure to be someone who will appreciate it!

You are welcome!
Publishing Date: December 17, 2009

Bucharest, 15th December 2009

Bucharest Otopeni and Venice on the 19th of December.Meridiana will start operating a new flight between Bucharest Otopeni and Venice on the 19th of December. The second Italian airline company, runs tree direct flights per week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, using one of the 17 MD82 aircraft in the fleet (165 seats).

The schedules are as follows:
Bucharest  – Venice: departure at 4.35 pm and arrive at 5.30 pmVenice – Bucharest: departure at 12.30 am and arrive at 3.25 pm

For the first time in more then 40 years, Meridiana will be linking with this primary international destination and moreover, our new Romanian customers will be able to discover a very special destination: Venice and the Veneto region.

Venice is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, but there are many reasons to visit Veneto region too, the cities of Veneto are jewel cases that preserve precious historical and artistic relics. This region is a rich land, which is embellished with the enduring stamp of the Serenissima Republic. Moreover, in the winter season, the mountains of this region are a skier's paradise with hundreds of kilometres of slopes for long-distance and downhill skiing. In the summer, the views are the stuff of dreams, making an holiday unforgettable.

Venice and Veneto region are a gourmet’s paradise, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy its famous and rich cuisine, which proposes many specialities including hundreds of different proposals, as well as an exceptional range of fine wines and aperitifs.

Since the flight was proposed on the distribution channels, last September, has now registered 2000 passengers already booked on this new route and assumes to reach the target of 40.000 passengers carried in one year.

On the Bucarest – Venice flights Meridiana offers promotional fares starting from 35€ (taxes included), based on a one way flight for each person.
Reservations and e-tickets can be purchased in every travel agency, online by visiting our website  or calling our Call Center at +39 0789 52682.

Meridiana’s 21 strong fleet comprises 17 MD82 and 4 A319 aircraft. In 2008 the Company carried  over 4 million passengers, ranking as second major airline in Italy in terms of passenger volume.

For further information:
Loredana De Filippo
Responsabile Relazioni Esterne e Stampa

Tel. +39 078952801
Fax +39 078952972
Cell +39 348 8061581

Publishing Date: 16 december 2009


- Together with the Ministry of Tourism, 2009 managed ANAT measures essential for tourism development in Romania
- For 2010 NATA priority is adoption of the Law of Tourism

In 2009, the National Association of Travel Agents (NATA) has succeeded with the Ministry of Tourism adopt Holiday Ticket Law (who was implemented, with companies and institutions that have rewarded such employees) and developing within the Council Consultative Committee of Tourism, the draft Tourism Law which is currently in public debate on the website of the Ministry of Tourism.

As a proponent of community travel agencies in Romania, ANAT believes that maintaining continuity of this structure will ensure the successful completion of several projects started in the old term but still unfinished.

NATA is concerned about the possible abolition of the Ministry of Tourism in response to pressures from certain groups and thus sees an urgent need to alerting public and media on these topics and also the importance of this structure for the development of Romanian tourism.

NATA position vis-a-vis the problems of the Romanian tourism, be it solely by the travel agent or not, has always been pro-active and interested. Romanian tourism problems are our problems, of all who work in this industry and therefore for the existence of powers to regulate industry and make the guild interests promoter travel agents and other actors in tourism at the highest level of the position of full equality, is of utmost importance.

Ministry Partnership with industry associations should continue as started in the Advisory Council meetings. Tourism Law should be promoted in Parliament, and in these times of economic crisis, there is the Ministry of Tourism is vital to an industry which now provides 2.5% of GDP but has set ambitious as the few years to reach 5%.

Corina Martin
President NATA
0722 150 767

Source: NATA
Publishing Date: 15 december 2009

Press Release  
APG Interline E-Ticketing (APG IET) Growing Rapidly               - 8 Additional Airlines Join in November

APG Interline E-Ticketing (APG IET) Growing Rapidly Eight additional airlines have joined APG IET in November, including the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines (TK-235), the Philippine national carrier Philippine Airlines (PR-079) and the North American Carrier Pacific Wings (LW-568). APG IET counts today 54 airline partners. New partners are added on a weekly basis and APG Global Associates (APGGA) President, Jean-Louis Baroux announces that “we are targeting 100 carriers by 1st quarter of 2010 and are negotiating with airlines all over the world thanks to the expertise of our global network, APGGA”.

APG IET Product Manager, Majbritt Leenaert explained that APG GA has introduced the APG IET program to airlines worldwide in cooperation with its partner Heli Air Monaco (YO/747) who functions as the validating and issuing carrier of APG IET.

Thanks to neutral Interline E-Ticketing on YO/747, the APG IET program gives all joining airlines access to Interlining with the growing pool of APG IET partners; it is a great opportunity for any airline to gain new interline volume. In addition, APG IET permits airlines to be sold and ticketed worldwide in 86 BSPs (IATA Billing and Settlement Plans) and ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) in the United States.

APG IET benefits are twofold, 1.) It helps small, medium and large airlines to create new interline business opportunities, and 2.) Widens their BSP/ARC market reach on a worldwide basis. APG IET is open to all IATA and non IATA scheduled airlines, with the sole condition that they are “E-Ticketing eligible” on GDS.
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APG France
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The 54 airlines that have signed up for Interline E-Ticketing with Heli Air Monaco (YO/747) are: 
Aerolineas Argentinas (AR 044), Aeroflot (SU 555), Aerosur (5L 275), Afriqiyah Airways (8U 546), Air Burkina (2J 226), Air China (CA 999), Air France (AF 057), Air India (AI 098), Air Madagascar (MD 258), Air Malawi (QM 167), Air Mali (I5 261), Air Namibia (SW 186), Air Pacific (FJ 260), Air Uganda (U7 926), Antrak Air (O4 916), Aserca (R7 717), Atlasjet Airlines (KK 610), BABOO (F7  033), China Eastern Airlines (MU 781), China Southern Airlines (CZ 784), Compagnie Aérienne Corse Méditerranée  (XK 146), Conviasa (V0 308), Daallo Airlines (D3 991), Eurofly (GJ 736), Georgia Skies (LW 568), Ghana International Airlines (G0 678), Hainan Airlines (HU 880), Hewa Bora Airways (EO 663), Hong Kong Airlines (HX 851), Hong Kong Express Airways (UO 128), Kentucky Skies (LW 568), Livingston (LM 857), Meridiana (IG 191), New Mexico Airlines (LW 568), Olympic Air (OA 050),  Oman Air (WY 910), Pacific Wings (LW 568), Philippine Airlines (PR 079), Phoebus Apollo Aviation (PE 855), Santa Barbara Airlines (S3 249), SATA Air Acores (SP 737), SATA International (S4 331), Saudi Arabian Airlines (SV 065), Shandong Airlines (SC 324), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH 479), Solomon Airlines (IE 193), Spice Jet (SG 775), Tennessee Skies (LW 568), Transaero Airlines (UN 670), Turkish Airlines (TK 235), Vietnam Airlines (VN 738), Wataniya Airways (KW 100), Xiamen Airlines (MF 731), Zambezi Airlines (ZJ 707).

APG Global Associates is the world's leading network for Airline Distribution and Financial Services. With 82 APG Global Associates and Service Partners, we are present in 115 countries and have relationships with over 240 airlines. Services include Sales Representation Services, variable cost access to BSPs and ARC systems, Interline E-Ticketing, Airline Passenger Insurance, and ATPCO Fare Filing Services.

Source: APG Romania
Publishing Date: 14 december 2009

Wizz Air: We do not have financial problems and we continue to expand in region

After last week announcing a Czech economic magazine operational loss of 9.5 million euros for Wizz Air in 2008, company officials say there is no financial problems within the group and that he will continue expansion plans in the region.

Natasha Kazmer WIZZ AIRIn addition, according to the same Czech publications in the 5 years of operation Wizz Air has never came on profit and has accumulated losses of 78 million euros. "Companies from Ukraine and Bulgaria are open soon and it's normal to need 3-5 years to reach break even point. Instead, Wizz Air Hungary is already in profit, "said the Wall-Street, Natasha Kazmer (photo), communications director of the company who did not want to give financial details of the company.

Another argument made by it is extending dinaminca that Wizz Air has had in the region, and increase the fleet by 2017. "A failing company would not extend to the rhythm that makes Wizz Air. In addition, in the summer we signed an agreement in principle with Airbus for the purchase of another 50 A320 aircraft between 2014-2017. It is known that Airbus is very selective in terms of collaborators, "the official said Wizz Air.

Another question raised by those who claim that Wizz Air may be the next low cost airline will go bankrupt is very rapid withdrawal of the Slovak market, where the disappearance of Sky Europe has left an untapped niche. "The airport in Bratislava there is a monopoly of those of Ryanair, which owns 98% of flights. I tried to fly on a relationship between Bratislava - Rome airport charges but there are very high and not profitable, "explained the representative of Wizz Air.

Romania remains one of the most important markets for low cost airline. "By year-end estimate that we will carry 1.6 million passengers in relation with Romania and will become the largest company in the market, surpassing and Tarom," says Kazmer, adding that the load is in relation with Romania 85%.

In terms of expansion plans on the local market, starting in 2010, Wizz Air will Marsa already established routes. "We will still focus both on Italy, which is the most important market for us in relation with Romania, especially after the bankruptcy My Air, but also by Spain, which fell this year on the business, but recovered by leisure . We launched and several new routes, but we insist on increasing market share on routes already established, "he explained communications director of Wizz Air.

Between January to October, Wizz Air has carried to and from Romania about 1.4 million passengers, with 85% more than the same period last year.

Wizz Air currently operates 31 routes from and to Romania, reaching 230 flights Theaters in September.

The company entered the market in Romania in July 2006 and established the first operational base in Bucharest in June 2007, and the second in Cluj in May 2008.

The third base was opened in Timisoara, in February 2009.

Publishing Date: December 14, 2009

The average per hotel room in Bucharest fell by 19% in November

The average price per room per night in hotels in Bucharest, decreased by about 19% in November 2009, compared to November 2008, to 81.43 euros, according to a report hotel reservation online service.
However, the average in the Capital hotels rose in November to 5% from the end of quarter 3 this year, when the level was about 77.97 euros.

Cities such as Stockholm, Helsinki and Warsaw, whose hotel rates fell particularly hard in 2009, and came back in November and saw increases of prices of accommodation for up to 15%, compared to the end of quarter 3 of the same year.

The world renowned metropolitan cities, stands out especially Rio de Janeiro. This growth has raised a total of 20%. Even the prices of accommodation in New York, Tokyo and Shanghai have recovered significantly.

Publishing Date: December 14, 2009

Romanian tourists resorts crisis away

Many hotelierii of Prahova Valley resorts have reduced prices for Christmas and New Year packages from last year, but with all those reservations are, in some states, half from the same period of 2008.
The tourists resorts of Sinaia and Busteni Prahova not be rushing to make bookings for Christmas and New Year, as happens about this time last year.

If in the same period of 2008 there were not any place to stay for New Year's Eve in resorts on Prahova villas and hotels, this year the occupancy rate is significantly low, in some cases only 50%.

According to representatives of Sinaia Tourist Information Center, this resort is reserved, at present, only 75% of the approximately 10,000 places to stay in approved hotels and villas in the resort, provided that in early December 2008 all these seats were reserved and provided that rates have not increased from last year, and some hoteliers and discounts made by 10 to 15%.

In terms of bookings for Christmas, in Sinaia only 60 - 70% of the total seats are reserved for approved accommodation last year about this time the number of places reserved for Christmas being 10% higher.

Most searched for the end of the year are villas that are the least expensive and have been reserved at a rate of 100%. For a villa with 5, 6 or 7 rooms in Sinaia tourists and prices paid 1,000 lei for three nights accommodation, but in this money to provide housing only, without any weight, no festive meal without spending the New Year's Eve .

The hotels in Sinaia, prices vary between several hundred and several hundred euro lei, depending on the type of accommodation.

The cheapest packages are two-star hotels, where for three nights accommodation with breakfast, meals and New Year festive meal on the first day of the year tourists pay 550 lei per person.

The three-star hotels cost a tour package under the conditions is, on average 1,500 lei in four star hotels of pressure applied from reaching 490 euros and 1,000 euros.

No tourists in Busteni not rushed to make reservations for New Year's Eve. Mayor resort, Emanoil Savin, who owns a hotel and several villas in logs, said that if all seats in November last year were reserved for New Year this year are more popular hostels, the occupancy rate for hotels is the only New Year 50%.

That in conditions which, supports the mayor of logs, prices are up to 25% lower than last year.

"The crisis is known in tourism," Savin said, adding that hotelierii months of logs will launch new packages to attract bids of as many mountain lovers to logs at the end of this year.

Source: Bloombiz
Publishing date: 06 Decembrie 2009


Carpatair is launching market flight Hungary Budapest - Venice
The inauguration flight Budapest-Venice:
- Carpatair is the first full service carrier in Romania to launch flights point to point outside the country
- Carpatair strengthens its position as the regional leader destination Italy, where he most frequent flights and destinations
Timisoara, November 25, 2009: Carpatair, full-service airline based in Timisoara, launched beginning of December 7, 2009, fly directly to Venice-Budapest relationship. The new route will be operated with a frequency of 10 flights per week, using aircraft-type 50-seat Saab 2000.

Venice and Budapest are traditional markets for over 10 years Carpatair. By launching the new direct flight Venice - Budapest carrier expands its presence on the two airports with 10 more weekly flights complementing the existing 20 flights (6 flights venice-Darwin and 14 weekly flights in code share with Moldavian Airlines on the relationship Budapest Chisinau).
Venice-Budapest flight will operate on code share partnerships with Malev Hungarian Airlines, Carpatair the operating carrier with quality and marketing carrier Malev. This collaboration will ensure continuity of services offering customers the opportunity to travel both between Venice and Budapest, and whether multiple connections to various European destinations from Hub Malev from Budapest.

"Venice-Budapest flight, are included in the regional development plan that has Carpatair
objective of this long and steady recovery of the company on various European destinations. Direct flight Budapest - Venice materialized following the withdrawal of the partner company Malev Hungarian Airlines on this route. Knowing that our company aircraft operated this route in partnership wet lease (rent aircraft full service) for the company Malev, taking those flights is something natural, passengers are already familiar with the product Carpatair with our aircraft, and quality service on board "said Nicholas Petrov, President & CEO Carpatair.

New flight schedule:
Flight route no. Operating Days Departure Arrival
Budapest / Venice V3 420 123456 - 08:05 09:40
Venice / Budapest V3 421 123456 - 10:10 11:40
Budapest / Venice V3 422 1-3-5-7 17:30 19:05
Venice / Budapest V3 423 1-3-5-7 19:35 21:05

Passengers new flight will have both services Economy and business class tickets can be purchased both online, by accessing, and through ticketing agencies.
Other steps taken by Carpatair in the medium term development strategy is the launch this autumn of two new routes to Italy (Bucharest - Bari and Bucharest - Ancona) with a frequency of 3 and 2 flights / week, and widening 3 Fokker 70 aircraft fleet with a capacity of 72 seats.

Carpatair is the largest regional airline in South East (mainly operates regional niche markets). After successfully applying the concept of "hub & spoke" (air transport hub where passengers are offering flight connections to destinations all over the network of an operator), Carpatair Timisoara managed to develop the best performing air hub in Romania.
Currently, Carpatair operates over 250 scheduled flights per week to 30 destinations in 6 countries. Carpatair is the largest air operator in Romania relationship - Italy offers the greatest number of destinations in two countries (10 in / in each country) and the largest number of flights - 94 per week.

Marketing Department Carpatair

S.c. Carpatair S.A.
307210, Timisoara Int'l Airport, Timisoara, Romania, Phone +40 256 306933 Fax +40 256 306962
November 25, 2009 at 16:44

Date: 25 november 2009

Transfer runs on crowded Baneasa Airport Otopeni

Otopeni airport was crowded Monday morning, especially in ghiseele check-in for international departures, because those 210 flights a day on which they have AIHCB have added about 50 flights a day from Baneasa, said the head of public relations airport Mihaela Cyril. "Air traffic normal on the International Airport Henri Conde is amounts to an average of 210 flights per day, and after trasferul temporary runs on Baneasa Airport has recorded an increase to around 260 flights a day", she said it.
Around 10.05 time about 80 people waiting at the counter for check-in luggage teaching, running the Cologne company's German Wings will to take off at 11.15.

At 10.30 race to Cologne was announced as being arrived at the airport, and passengers in May had passed through the passport control point. The aircraft took off at 11.40, with a delay of 20 minutes, and company representatives have not commented because of the delay, which they considered a minor.

Also, the first day of the transfer of flights from Otopeni to Baneasa airport AIHCB representatives consider that delays were due ghiseelor of check-in, and if they were sporadic minor delays of only a few minutes, because companies are concerned.

At the arrivals terminal has been registered a delay of 35 minutes of racing Wizz Air dispre Venice, and representatives of Otopeni Airport were informed that the flight left late from Venice.

Baneasa airport on Monday which is for two weeks, closed for the works were on Otopeni relocate a total of five companies that low-cost Blue Air, Wizz Air, My Air, Sky Europe and German Wings, and the rest are racing Blue Coral Charter, Cargo, Air Cargo, Novel Air, Tunis Air, Air Orion, Farnair Cargo and UPS.

Baneasa Airport director, Stefan Mladin, said Monday that NewsIn for every day transiting the airport approximately 4,000 passengers.

Representatives Henri Coanda International Airport recorded more than 14,000 daily passengers and estimated that the temporary takeover of the passengers on Baneasa will reach a traffic of up to 20,000 passengers.

"International Airport Henri Coanda Bucharest (AIHCB) has the logistics necessary to temporarily transfer between September 29 to October 12, the race on the AIHCB Baneasa Airport, which is confirmed in the meetings that took place with representatives of companies handling, catering, refueling and ROMATSA "said last week the chief public relations service of Otopeni Airport, Mihaela Cyril.

In the temporary relocation of air traffic at the airport Baneasa Airport Henri Coanda have taken the following measures: dynamic allocation and monitoring flights for optimal use of resources airport, supplementing staff to cover peaks of traffic, the application of special operating procedures to enlarge operational capacity, making further revisions of all technical systems.

Thus, he said Mihaela Cyril, following the analysis of the air flight will operate temporarily on AIHCB estimate an increase in the number of passengers of approximately 25-30%.

Baneasa airport will be closed traffic between September 29 to October 12 for the path to run Delta, connecting the horses in the track and platform.
Director General of Airport Aurel Vlaicu, Stefan Mladin, noting that the cat will be closed Baneasa Airport vast majority of companies will relocate their activities at Otopeni Airport or, depending on their policy, they will cancel some flights.

Myair canceled, in the period from September 29 to October 12, 50% of flights at the airport Baneasa and Otopeni on the transefera, while WizzAir will operate all flights, said Tuesday NewsIn representatives for the two low-cost companies.

"In the period from September 29 to October 12 have canceled 50% of flights. The price of tickets will be the same even if taxes on Otopeni airport are higher. We will lose not only, certainly will be confusion and delays will be," she NewsIn declared the general director of the company myair, Antonio Iervolino.

WizzAir company representatives have said they will work on how the Baneasa Airport will be closed for works, with 260 flights (departures and arrivals), which means they do not reduce the number of flights. The cost of tickets will not be affected by the relocation runs on Otopeni Airport and hope that will not appear delays, company officials have said

And airline Blue Air flights trasfera all of Sept. 29 until Oct. 12 in the Baneasa Airport Otopeni Airport, the company announced.

Publish: 06 october 2008  ora 18:00

Daily tour of Bucharest for foreigners

Starting with September, TravelMaker travel agency organizes a daily bus tour of Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
The tour takes about 4 hours and provides an English speaker guide for foreign tourists.
The tourists will enjoy a few attractions located downtown and can decide to visit the Parliament Palace or the Village Museum.
More information about the regular tour of the capital or the possibility to become partner of the tour will soon be available on website.

Rezervation: 0723 - 331 955 Dan Penciu
Publish: 23 september 2008

Tarom Cuts commission

At the beginning of May, Tarom, announced that it will significantly reduce its commission givven to travel agencies for the sales of flight tickets. The competition between travel agencies heats up as their existence is pushed to the bare edge. The same decision is expected from the rest of the airline operators.
Romania is just experiencing the effects of the new age virtual economy. As an example, the number of travel agencies in US, in the period from 1994 to 2005, has reduced by 11.000. As a result of the appearance of e-tickets and the elimination of the commission for airline tickets.

The sale of e-tickets is growing every year, but the commissions given by the airline operators began to disappear. The first step in Romania was made by the national flag carrier, Tarom. Tarom reduced its commission given to the travel agencies from 7% on 1%, leaving the latter scramble for leftovers. Practically, until now, all the agencies were receiving a 7% reduction on Tarom's tickets, so the prices were more or less the same in all the agencies. The airline ticket makes a great deal of the tourist agency revenue, even more important than the services it provides.

Catalin Zlota, Tarom's Commercial Director, declared that, the decision for reducing the commission was not taken over night. It is just following the current trends in the world of airline travel, a movement that began in the US and continued in Western Europe several years ago. As mr.Zlota referred, Tarom has announced this decision since 2004, but in that year the airline industry was still not recovered after the events on 11th September and the SARS epidemy.

The announcement created a panicle reaction from the travel agencies, which claimed that they weren’t, consulted prior this decision. 167 travel agencies, members of ANAT (national association of travel agencies), with over 240 points of sale, are representing 72% of the total sales of airline tickets for Tarom in Romania.

Lucia Morariu, first vice-president of ANAT, said that the example given by Tarom will soon be followed by the rest of the airline operators, which will in short time eliminate the commission. This will heavily affect the travel agencies network form Romania, which will be obligated to lose the principal source of income.

Catalin Zlota from Tarom, answered with irony on this statement, declaring that travel agencies should be happy about this decision, because by not receiving commission, they will have to improve their services in sense to satisfy clients. Leaving only quality agencies survive. He also mentioned that Tarom will continue to give bonuses to agencies whose ticket sales performance is good.

Alin Burcea, the president of Paralela 45 travel agency, said that the reduction of commission from 7 to 1% is a European tendency, Tarom should have just waited with the decision until 1st of January 2007.

Simon Alb, Director of the National Tourism Bureau of Romania in America, believes that the reduction of the commission was a drastic measure but any tourism agency owner would’ve made the same move if he led an airline company. He also mentioned, that it doesn’t strictly mean the end of the airline ticket distribution through travel agencies. Travel agencies could offer better prices if they obtain special prices from the airline company. In the States, a travel agency is profits 20-25$ for a single ticket reservation.

Indifferently how many agencies will disappear in the following years, one thing is for sure; many of them will have to become more than just a simple ticket office and start practicing what they really do, that is tourism.

Date: the 27th April 2006.

Austrian Airlines leadership change

After leading Austrian Airlines' Romania and Moldova corporate plans for eight years, Wolfgang Groeger leaves Bucharest to continue his work for Austrian Airlines in Baku, Azerbaijan. Beginning with the first week of May he will be replaced with Heinrich Vystoupil, who was Austrian's Country Manager for Slovakia.

During Mr. Groeger's time in Romania, Austrian introduced code share flights with Tarom and increased the number of flights between Vienna and Bucharest from one to four daily. Further increases of flights include Timisora and Chisinau as well as the introduction of direct flights between Vienna and Cluj, Sibiu and Iasi.

Heinrich Vystoupil, is part of Austrian Airlines since May 2001, starting his career in the Cargo Department, where he was in charge for the worldwide Quality Management. In July 2002 he changed from Cargo to One Passage division and was heading the Sales Support & Marketing department for the home market Austria. In May 2003 he took over the responsibility as Country Manager in Slovakia. During his time in Slovakia the flights of AA between Vienna and Kosice doubled as well as a European Call Center has been established. Mr. Vystoupil is looking at the new appointment as a new motivating challenge.

Date: the 27th April 2006.

Wizz air enters Romania

Air Transportation Company Wizz Air will start its activity from the Transilvania Airport, located in Targu Mures, said the president of the Mures County Council, Lokodi Edita Emoke.
Mr. Lokodi stated that, Wizz-air's representatives were just scoping the business potential of the county in the previous year. With the investigation obtaining positive indicators, company's representatives, recently expressed their intentions to shake a deal with Mures county local authorities.
Wizz Air is a London-based company focused on low cost flights towards the Central and Eastern Europe.
The company operates through its Polish and Hungarian branches and has more than one million passengers each year.
Air flight companies Carpatair, Cimber Air, Tarom and Malev presently operate out of Transilvania Airport.

Date: the 27th April 2006.

Over RON 170 M allocated to make progress with Bucharest-Constanta motorway

On April 26th, Romania's Government approved the allocation of 170 million RON, for acceleration of the construction of the last segments of the Sun Highway, leading from Bucharest to Constanta.
Namely the works were delayed on the last segments 4 and 5 that connect Drajna-Fetesti and Fetesti-Cernavoda, respectively.Government spokesperson, Oana Marinescu has stated that, advancing the time-table of the works will allow the opening of the first segment Drajna-Fetesti on July 1st 2006 in both ways and the completion of the car parks, the maintenance centre and the service spaces before mid-December 2007. The advancement of works along the Fetesti-Cernavoda segment will also allow the opening in July 2006 and the completion of the Cernavoda road knot and the toll station in September 2006.

The amount will be included in the budget of the Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism and will be divided on annual budget exercises. Thus, in 2006, RON 136.4 M are to be allocated, in 2007, RON 32 M, in 2008, RON 0.95 M and in 2009, RON 0.33 M.

Oana Marinescu also said that the Ministry of Transport had presented a report on the state of play of a number of infrastructure projects. The MTCT estimates to conclude the modernizing of 35 km of the Bucharest-Pitesti motorway in December 2006 and to widen the Otopeni Crossing to six traffic lanes, the ramps included, and the road between the Otopeni Crossing and the Otopeni Airport to six lanes, as well by June 2006.

Works on National Road 6 from Timisoara to Lugoj are expected to be completed in December 2006. Two road segments on National Road 6 between Craiova to Drobeta Turnu Severin will also be finalised in November 2006. The bypasses in Timisoara and Craiova are expected to be completed in November 2006 and December 2006, respectively.

As far as Cernavoda - Constanta motorway segment is concerned, companies interested in providing consultancy and technical assistance to the works must submit their letters of intent by June, 2, according to MTCT.

Date: the 27th April 2006.

Continental changes its name

The General Board of Shareholders of S.C. CONTINENTAL S.A. decided to change the company’s name, thus the only Romanian chain of hotels was registered at the Commerce Registry Office under a new name: S.C. Continental Hotels S.A.
The company recently signed a contract with a consortium formed by BRD Securities, Raiffeisen Capital & Investment and Alpha Finance in order to prepare for the listing at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, at the beginning of July, 2005.
The chain signed last summer an agreement with ACCOR, the owner of the Ibis, Novotel and Sofitel brands, through which the two companies will create a network of accommodation units in all the large cities in Romania.
Continental Hotels intend to build in the following years an Ibis Hotel in each county residence. The estimated investment budget rises at about 34 million Euro until 2008, in this period being planned the construction of 5 hotels. For 2005, the company estimates revenue of 28 milion Euro.
Recently, Continental Hotels sold the hotel owned in Cluj Napoca to the shoe factory Ardeleana from Alba Iulia, and the company’s medium term plans include setting two other units in this city – a Continental Hotel and an Ibis Hotel.

Date: the 27th April 2006.

George Copos - Ministry of tourism a necessity

The Vice-prime minister, George Copos, shared his opinion that a Ministry for Tourism is essential for Romania's economy. This body would elaborate a coherent strategy for developing Romania's ailing tourism industry.
On April 21-st, George Copos, on a meeting with local authorities from Curtea de Arges stated that, the tourism should become Romania's national interest. He pointed out countries like Bulgaria and Hungary, countries with far smaller natural potential than Romania, but which produce 16-17%, of the total GDP, just from tourism. Romania's tourism industry currently participates with just 4% in the country's GDP.
Mr. Copos, continued that the earnings out of tourism are less than 2 billion euros per year. He declared that he will support the local authorities to develop the county tourism and he adviced them to get involved in projects funded by the European Union.

Date: the 27th April 2006.

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The World Military Ski Championship
Between the 20th and the 17th February 2005, the 47th “World Military Ski Championship” will take place in Predeal.
Events: Giant Slalom, Cross Country Skiing (10 km girls and 15 km boys), Biathlon Relay Race (7.5 km girls, 10 km boys), Patrol (15 km girls, 25 km boys)
Details: Predeal Tourism Information and Promotion Centre – no.1 Intrarea Garii street, Tel/Fax: 0268 – 455,330, e-mail:
- the 10th December 2004.

Awards in Tourism / Romanian Tourism Workshop – Review 2004, the 17th November 2004

1. The award for the most creative travel agency in promoting touristic offers
2. The award for the most important event organised by an agency
3. The award for the quality of hotel services
4. The award for the developing and modernization of touristic products
- Seaside – RADU MAZARE – The Mayor of the Municipality of Constanta
- Mountains – MIHAI VESTEA – The Mayor of Predeal town
5. The award for the quality of services in agrotouristic boarding houses
Boarding house CRISTIAN – Dolj district, Perisoru commune – MARIAN NICOLA – the 17th November 2004.

The Tourist Information Centre in Brasov has opened - 12th November 2004.
The Municipality of Brasov’s Mayoralty and the District Council of Brasov have established in partnership the first Tourist Information Centre in Brasov.
The Centre is situated in Casa Sfatului (the Council House), which ensures quick access to tourism information for visitors of Brasov.
The Tourism Information Centre will function at the beginning after the timetable of the History Museum, eventually its timetable to be extended.
The Tourist Information Centre will be coordinated by the Office of Tourism Promotion department of the Mayoralty of Brasov. The Centre will permanently have 2 employees (one of the Mayoralty and one of the District Council) who know at least one internationally spoken language. The employees have graduated university studies in the field of Tourism and will provide the full array of information needed by a tourist: touristic targets, leisure facilities, public transport, etc. The Mayoralty of Brasov will open in the near future 2 centres in the Municipality of Brasov: at the Brasov Train Station and in Poiana Brasov.

Andreea Malureanu
Project Coordinator – Head of the Tourism Promotion Office.
- 15th November 2004

Romanian Tourism Workshop – Review 2004, 17th November 2004
THE NATIONAL AUTHORITY FOR TOURISM invites you to participate at the Romanian Tourism Workshop – Review 2004, organised in Bucharest – Intercontinental Hotel, Florentina Hall, Wednesday, the 17th November, 10,00 a.m., followed by a cocktail.
At the workshop will participate, beside Mr. Miron Mitrea, the Minister of Transport, Construction and Tourism and Mr. Nicu Radulescu, the President of National Authority for Tourism, representatives of institutions and companies with activity in the field of tourism, of professional and employers’ tourism associations, as well as journalists from the written press, radio and television.
During the event the achievements of domestic tourism will be emphasized, as well as the courses to be followed in order to revaluate the touristic potentialities of our country at the highest standards. On this occasion, awards will be granted by the Ministery of Transport, Construction and Tourism and the National Authority for Tourism to the institutions or people that have decisively contributed to the development of the Romanian Tourism.
Further information can be obtained at phone no. or e-mail:, contact person: Alina Feldman, Elena Negut.
Believing that this event will rise your interest, please confirm your participation at the phone no.: 021.320.91.27/28, or at e-mail: events”, contact person: Olivia Catana, until the date of 16th November 2004.

Event Manager
Andreea Guci
0722 69 51 51
Dias Service Company – 12th November 2004-12-28

A new schi track
A new touristic attraction on Christmas, in Bran resort. At the beginning of the winter season, the authorities of the town will inaugurate the first ski track in the area. The track is not very big, but the local people believe that a large number of tourists will come to Bran to ski this year.
Zanoaga track is located at about 4 km from Valea Portii in Bran commune. It is 1000 metres long and has a level difference of about 150 metres, which makes it accessible to ski fans of all ages. Together with the inclusion of Bran commune in the programme Superski in the Carpathians, the local authorities have started the building of the track.
The track is equipped with a ski lift of 650 metres length; in the future a chair lift will be built. During this winter, the organisers will bring three snow making canons and at the base of the track a first aid centre and a schi school will be located. – 12th November 2004.

Transfagarasanul closed until the 30th July 2005.
Beginning with the 1st November 2004, The National Company of Highways and National Roads closed the national road DN7C from the public traffic until the 30th June 2005, from Piscul Negru to Bâlea Lac – 12th November 2004.

Romania sells fog at the World Travel Market
Romania had a stand at the World Travel Market, the most important event in the field throughout the world, held in the period 8–10th November in London. According to an official statement to the press, the Romanian delegation was formed by officials of the National Authority for Tourism and of TAROM, beside which were present representatives of 16 travel agencies and hotels. “The stand of Romania had a surface of 91 square metres and altogether new promotional solutions were proposed for visitors. Among the offers presented by the stand of Romania the following standed out: stays in the area where the film <<Cold Mountain>> was shot; trips by old fashioned trains; visits at medieval fortified towns, monasteries, or traditional holidays during which pottery lessons can be pursued or a sheephold can be visited”, the official statement contains. “The British tour – operators are very interested in Transilvania, monasteries, Maramures, the Danube Delta and the rural tourism. Trips in Romania have gained market in Britain especially for the category of tourists with above average income and a high level of knowledge”, declared Carmen Moraru, General Manager of the General Department of Touristic Promotion under the National Authority for Tourism.
– 11th November 2004.

The signing of the Agreement of visa removal between Romania and Brazil
Date: 16.10.2004
On the basis of the conclusions reached by discussions between the Prime Minister of Romania, Mr. Adrian Nastase and the Vice – President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Mr. Jose Alencar Gomez da Silva, The Agreement of Visa Removal between Romania and Brazil was signed today, at the headquarters of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs.
The Agreement was signed by Mr. George Ciamba, Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministery of Foreign Affairs, and by Mr. Samuel Pinheiro Guimaraes, General Secretary and Vice – Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Brazilian Ministery of Foreign Affairs. Since the date of coming into force of the Agreement, the Romanian citizens will be allowed to travel to Bazil without needing a visa, for periods that do not extend more than 180 days within a year, and citizens of Brazil will be allowed to travel to Romania for periods that do not extend 90 days in an interval of 6 months.
Source: - 05 November 2004

The first shop SALOMON is opening
Beginning with the date 8th November, the first shop SALOMON will open in Romania! The address is Bucharest, 10 Blanari street. Timetable: Mon – Fri: 10 - 20, Sat: 10 – 16. Visit it and you will find sporting and mounaineering goods of an exceptional quality! You will be able to see them also on the site: - 04th November 2004.

Ecological tourism in Bucegi Natural Park
On 18th November 2004, the Administration of Bucegi Natural Park organizes a meeting on the topic “The Ecological Tourism in Bucegi Natural Park”. The event will begin at 10.00 at the headquarters of Bucegi Natural Park in Moroieni commune, Dambovita district, and its goals are: the presentation of the park as well as the touristic programmes offered by the Admnistration of the Park. Several travel agencies throughout the country are invited to participate to this event. The source: The News Department Sinaia Mountain Radio Mix– 4th November 2004.

A new hotel will be open in Bucharest.
The Spanish Group NH Hotels will enter the Romanian market next year, together with the opening of the first hotel in Bucharest, as part of its strategy of extension in Eastern Europe. NH Bucharest will be inaugurated in the spring of the year 2005 and will be located in the centre of Bucharest, near the Parliament Palace. The hotel will have 78 rooms, 2 conference rooms with 40 places, a fitness centre and a restaurant for 50 people. The Group NH Hotels is the third European hotel chain for the business sector, with 240 units in Europe, Latin America and Africa – 31th October 2004.

The Tourism Room “Leisure and Holiday” Sinaia 5 – 7 November
The Tourism Fair will be organised this year in a form of a tourism room. This event which is held the second time, will take 3 days, in the period 5 – 7 November this year, at Palace Hotel in Sinaia. The official opening will be on Friday, the 5th November, 10.00 a.m. This year tourism operators have anounced their participation, both agencies and hotels, that will make their offers for the New Year’s Eve 2005. For the first time, museums from Prahova district have anounced their participation, among which: The Natural Science Museum, the History and Archeological Museum, the Arts Museum. On this occasion, the museums will present at the Fair the cultural offer of the district.
The event is organised by Prahova Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Beginning with next year, the Tourism Room “Leisure and Holiday” will change its denomination in “Culture and Holiday”. Source: The News Department Sinaia Mountain Radio Mix – 31st October 2004.

UMAY TOURS/ Turkey - Mr. Demir Unsal - Director :
" I have been in the romanian market for nearly eleven years when the market was very naive when there was no competition and the privat enterprise of romanian travel companies was just growing but now my observation for the last two-three years regarding the romanian market- there is a big competition now and there are one or two big monopolly for every single destination like Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and the small companies are dissapearing and, for instance, when I first sought to working with companies from Romania....all over the country I have more than forty forty-five....but now, almost all of them disapeared and all small companies are selling the products of big monopoliests, big tour-operators, in exchange for a limited comision but they lost their identity, they don't have any identity anymore, because the product they are selling is somebody's else's product, they don't have their products anymore and, I also noticed that, the romanian people who knows who can afford to travel and have been to Turkey for several times, so now they are looking for alternative destination like Spain, Italy and so one, and they are now these days, I think,less interest in Turkey - as a holliday destination, where I come from, is completely a different destination, not for each holliday only, but because of its rich culture, its arheological values, the life-style of turkish people, food , and rich variety of the products that it provides for the tourists at a very reasonable price, so we are hoping to get our traditional romanian tourists back to Turkey in larger numbers, we still have some, but it is not enough number of romanian tourist we are having nows days" - 23.october 2004, 13.20 ITF/ Romexpo - Bucharest/ Romania

We are honored to invite you to participate in The National Tourism Fair, 11th edition, event held between April 1-4, 2004 in Romexpo Exhibition Centre.

The National Tourism Fair has gained its recognition during its five years of existence and became the revolving plate of tourism business. With a constant growing trend, TNT has concentrated in spring 2003 on an area of 8.500 sqm, 241 exhibitors from 12 countries, offering the certainty of meeting real opportunities for closing profitable business.

The National Tourism Fair represents an event with significant impact for the major part involved in tourism activities. Survey among exhibitors confirm the fulfill of their expectation: 81% had new business contact, 75% obtained new market information, 78% launched new tourism services and 90% intended to participate in the next to come edition.
For moore details click - 17 of March 2004

ANTREC releases "Vacancies to country"
ANTREC - The National Association for Rural,Ecological and Cultural Tourism in Romania will be editing its own review. This is called "Vacancies to country", monthly appearance and has as main aim the promotion of rural tourism. It is the second tourism association which is editing its own review, after "ANAT Media" - ANAT review (The National Association of Travel Agencies) - 11 of March 2004

A new tourism office of Romania
On 17 of february 2004 it was open a tourism office in China. This has headquarters at Romanian Embassy from Beijing.The firms that they will be wishing to bring Chinese tourists must constitute a deposit of 2000 dollars for each person.In april it will be taking place an infotrip composed from tour-operators and chinese journalists - 11 of March 2004.

Nova Tourism Touring
Beginning with 04 of february 2004, the firms Nova Tourism and Eurolines have merged for creating the most important Tour Operator from Romania.Touristic products have "Nova Turism-Touring" mark and can be requested in all "Nova Tourism" and "Eurolines" agencies from country - 11 of March 2004.

Medieval Art Festival Sighisoara 25 - 27 july 2003
This year the Medieval Art Festival Sighisoara will take place between 25- 27 july 2003.
Changes:for the firs time in the history of the festival rock bands and the modern music will be missing.
The only music who can be heard is the medieval and folk music.
18 spectacles of theatre by the tells of Boccaccio -"Decameron".
There also can be seen:dance lessons, activities of creation.
The access on the city will be controled at the six gates by guards - 26 May 2003.

47 travel agencies - Romania/12 agencies from Japan
Ministery of Tourisme organized in 23 May 2003, at 18.30, at Lido Hotel in Bucharest a meeting between 12 japanese touroperators and the travel agencies from Romania.At this event 47 agencies from Romania placed on the list( about 35 participated).
The Japanese had appreciated the beauty of romanian country, the traditional food and the kindness of romanian people.Most of them requested that the japanese touristes beneficiete of a japanese language guide
- 24 May 2003

“Dear colleagues,

As we promised, we are coming back with last hour information regarding the Stock Exchange of Seacoast Tourism 2003. This will still take place in Mamaia, but at the Flora Complex. After these modifications, the period was delayed with one day as it follows:

18.03 the arrival of the participants and a welcoming cocktail party;
19.03 the official opening of the Stock Exchange in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and the visiting of the Public Alimentation and Hotel Equipments Saloon (Park Mamaia Complex);
20.03 the works of the Stock Exchange;
21.03 the departure of the participants.

Directory Committee FPTR – March the 5th 2003


This special event, that you, the tourism interested business people, have been looking forward to, will take place in Mamaia at the Perla Complex ibetween the 17th and the 20th of March 2003.

In the same period and at the same location, will take place this year the first edition of the Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism Stock Exchange organized by ANTREC with the support of FPTR. It will be also opened for you between the 18th and the 21rst of March the Show room for hotel equipment and public nourishment equipment in the Park Complex in Mamaia, organized by the Commerce Chamber of Industry and Navigation and Agriculture from Constanta.

With consideration,

Executive Office FPTR, February 18th 2003

Lake Snagov – the new demurrage for “DRACULA PARK”

The Ministry of Tourism has announced that Sighisoara will not be the demurrage for “DRACULA PARK”. It seems that the new location will be near Bucharest, somewhere near Lake Snagov on a plot of land belonging to the Independent Administration of the State Protocol – 9 February 2003

The AJTR prizes (the Association of Tourism Journalists from Romania) for 2002 :

- The special prize “Faithful Chronicler”, for the promptness of touristic informations: The "Romania Actualitati"radio channel; The "Europa FM" radio channel; The "B1 TV" TV channel ; The “Curentul” newspaper.

- The special prize “Anda Raicu” granted to the young journalists with promising performances in the profession: Anne-Mary Nechita – “Ziua Turistica”, Dorin Cireasa – "Rompres".

- The special prize “Touristic treasure”, for an original idea in the promotion of tourism: Ioan C. Rogojeanu – “Curierul Romanesc”, for the initiative of building the “Hospitality Museum” .

- The special prize “Danube’s star”, for originality in the presentation of the program Cruises on the Danube and the presentation of Danube’s Delta: The "Realitatea TV" TV channel ; the “Vacante & Calatorii” magazine , Florin Andreescu, photographer artist, for the album "Danube’s Delta".

- The special prize “Solidarity”, for the spreading to the mass-media of the social programs initiated by the Ministry of Tourism, the "Rompres" Press Agency and the Cronica Romana, Cotidianul, Jurnalul National newspapers.

- The special prize “Seacoast 2002”, for the contribution brought in presenting the summer holidays; The "Prima TV" TV channel; the summer supplement “Litoral” of the newspaper "Cuget Liber" from Constanta and the Libertatea newspaper .

- The special prize “Spotlight”, for the mode of informing and the analysis on the privatization progress: The "PRO TV" TV channel ; the "Adevarul", "Ziarul Financiar" newspapers; the "Mediafax" press agency .

- The special prize “The Golden Pen”, for the professionalism in the general tackling of the tourism: Magdalena Zavoianu – editor of "Romania Actualitati" radio channel; Mihai Ogrinji – manager of the magazine “Romania Pitoreasca”;

Marian Constantinescu – chief editor of the weekly “Ziua Turistica”.

- The special prize “Press’s dean”, for the contribution brought to the promotion of tourism: Valentin Paunescu, manager of the “Curierul National”daily newspaper.

- The prize for Excellency of the year 2002: Constantin Priescu, deputy chief editor of the “Romania Pitoreasca” magazine, for the whole career, marked by 45 years of newspaperman activity and the reaching of 65 years of age.

Touristic information panels

The Ministry of Tourism has “launched” the “INFO TURISM” program by placing more touristic information panels in Bucharest. In addition to the map of Bucharest, the panel also contains: the subway's map, a few hotels, restaurants and touristic objectives. The establishment of centers for touristic information will follow.

Our question would be: when an information center will be established in Bucharest ?.. the only European capital without a center for touristic information – 11 January 2002

Demolishment on the Romanian seacoast

Beginning with the end of February will come into force the Emergency Injunction no.202/2002 regarding the integrated administration of the coast area: ”the placement of any construction on plots of land covered with dunes, swampy places, caves, cliffs, forests with special protection functions, the placement of other natural habitats close to cultural monuments or there where they affect the environment security is prohibited.”
Under these conditions, the government gave a great penalty to those who have constructed or were preparing to construct something in the protected coast areas – 10 January 2003

UNITA – it’s the biggest hotels network in Romania

In 2002 the Austrian Joseph Goschy has bought almost 30 hotels situated all over the country.
- On the seacoast: Hotel Amiral and Hotel Comandor 2** - Mamaia; Onix 2** and Safir 2** from Cap Aurora.
- Cluj: Hotel Transilvania 3*, Villa CASA ALBA 4*, Hotel Sport 2**, Hotel Vladeasa 2*; Station Fantanele - Belis 2**, Motel Faget 2** a few kilometers from Cluj
- Danube: Hotel Dierna 2**- Orsova, Hotel Traian 2**- Braila, Hotel Egreta 2**- Tulcea, Hotel Train - Drobeta - Turnu Severin
- Lacul Sarat from Braila county: Hotel Lacu Sarat 2** and Hotel Flora 2**
- Iasi: Hotel Moldova 3*
- Suceava: Hotel Complex Suceava 2**
- Targu Mures: Hotel Transilvania 2**, Complex Camping 2*
- Alba-Iulia: Hotel Transilvania 2**
- Aiud: Hotel Muresul 1*
- Deva: Hotel Sarmis 2**, Hotel Deva 2**
- Retezat: Pietrele Chalet

Central Headquarters: St. Ofcea no. 9, 1900, Timisoara , phone number: 0256-190.308, fax:0256-203.650,

Slovakia Tour 2003
ITF SLOVAKIATOUR - 9th International Travel Fair

Slovakia Tour 2003 – is the most important international exhibitionary manifestation in the tourism domain, addressed also to the public as well as to tourism specialists – from Slovakia Republic, from Bratislava, which will take place in the period 16 - 19 January 2003, having as orientation incoming, outgoing. Supplementary – 7 January 2003

Silence after 1 o’clock at night

Starting with 1 o’oclock at night the owners or superintendents of touristic reception structures with public nutrition functions are obliged to suspend after 1 o’clock at night the artistic programs, musical auditions , video and TV organized in the open. This new rule was comprised in a decision for the transformation and copletion HG no.1328/2001regarding the classification of touristic receiving structures.

Not complying with this rule will be sanctioned with the fine of 300 to 500 millions lei – 9 December 2002

Snow canons in Predeal

On December the 7th 2002 were inaugurated snow canons at Predeal, event organized by the Ministry of Tourism and the Local Council from Predeal – 8 December 2002

Tarom has reduced the commission of tourism from 9% to 7%

The incomes of the tourism agents will diminish after the decision taken by the Company Tarom to lower the commission granted from 9% to 7%.22 November 2002. The decision is applied beginning with 1rst of December 2002 to 7th of December 2002.

The fourth edition of "Romania's hotel guide" was released.

"Romania's hotel guide - 2003" - the fourth edition was released, according to which in Romania are 686 hotels: 7 of 5 stars, 31 of 4 stars, 136 of 3 stars etc. Every hotel has maximum tariffs for the season and extra-season in euro (that will be posted at the reception).

Through the Romanian Government Resolution no.805\201 regarding some ways of informing about maximum tariffs four touristic accommodation for the unorganized tourism has been established the annual publishing of a hotel guide with all Romanian hotels, which contains, besides the necessary information for the identification of every authorized hotel, the facilities it has and the maximum tariffs displayed by these. It's made in three versions: English, French and German - 6 December 2002

The "MARSHAL TURISM" tourism agency will build a hotel.

The t "Marshal Turism" ourism agency will build a hotel in Piata Victoriei - Bucharest. It will be of five stars, it will have 100 rooms and the building will begin in 2003 - 5th of December 2003

The Federation of the Headquarters of the Romanian Tourism .

As outcome of the provisions of the new law of headquarters , the Headquarters' Federation has reorganized itself as the Federation of Headquarters of the Romanian Tourism. In October, has taken place at Brasov the first National Conference of the new F.P.T.R., where it was established, among others, the affiliation to F.P.T.R. of all professional associations in the Romanian tourism, keeping the statute, personality and freedom of action of everyone. This strategy has the purpose of the globalization of the interests of the hospitality industry in relation with the Government, Parliament, syndicates, headquarters, etc.

RCB is affiliated at present time to the new Federation of Headquarters of the Romanian Tourism, having a position of vice-president in the organization's management.
The source: R.C.B (Romanian Convention Bureau) - 21rst of November 2002.

The Promotion and Romania's Touristic Information Bureau in Budapest

Beginning with 1 December 2002, the Ministry of Tourism will inaugurate the Promotion and Romania's Touristic Information Bureau from Budapest.

With a view to this event, as well as from the request of a very good presentation and cognition of Romania in the main and of the national tourism offer (touristic programs, facility regarding transportation, accommodation structures etc.), the professionals in the tourism are invited to transmit their promotional materials, in Hungarian, English and German, at the premises of the Budapest Bureau. The prospects in Hungarian have to contain a Romanian translation attached.

The contact person:
Octavian Arsene, Counselor of the Touristic & Marketing Promotion Direction - the Ministry of Tourism
Address: Budapest, sector 5, Street Hercegprimas, no. 9, Hungary (Budapest, V ker., HERCEGPRIMAS utca 9 sz, MAGYARORSZAG).E-mail:; Phone number: 0723-567817.
Source: R.C.B (Romanian Convention Bureau) - 21 November 2002

Obligatory, prices in lei or euro at hotels

This week, the Ministry of Tourism has decided that Romanian hotels will be obliged to express the displayed prices of their services in lei or euro. The spokesmen of the Ministry of Tourism will undertake controls by test to pursue the respecting of this measure by the hotel companies from all over the country.

Source: R.C.B (Romanian Convention Bureau) - 21 November 2002

18 November 2002 - ANTREC will realize the first Rural Tourism Fair in March next year.

14 November 2002 - TUI the biggest German touroperator has assumed the French company "Nouvelles Frontiers"

"Nouvelles Frontiers" - is the biggest French touroperator with 1,8 million clients in 2001.

11th of October 2002 - was initiated the social program "One week of restoration"

Period of the program: 15 November - 15 December and 15 January - 15 March with 6 nights of accommodation, breakfast and treatment. Its price will be of only 940,000 lei. In this program have signed in until now 19 associations with 5,860 places/series in the touristic localities:Eforie Nord, Buzias, Herculane, Covasna, Calimanesti-Caciulata, Tusnad, Govora, Mangalia, Moneasa, Geoagiu-Bai, Predeal, Slanic- Prahova, Felix, Voineasa, VatraDornei, Saturn, Slanic-Moldova, Amara, Soveja, Sangeorz-Bai. Between the 5thand the 25th of October 2002 - within the ITF Fair - was released "The Touristic Guide of Romania" published by PUBLIROM, the sixth edition. Distribution: 50,000 copies, bilingual version: Romanian-English.

Between the 24th and the 27th of October will take place the eighth edition of the "ROMANIAN INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FAIR" - ITF having as motto: "Thousands of holydays - only one place of departure. Touristic promotion fair... and the tenth edition of "ROMHOTEL" having as motto:" A five star exhibition". Furniture equipment specific to hotels and restaurants, complex kitchens, thermal and cooling equipments, preserving through cooling equipments, electronic equipments and audio - video.

Demurrage:ROMEXPO Bucharest. Organizers: the Ministry of Tourism, ROMEXPO S.A., ANAT, FIHR, ANTREC, FPT and OPTBR.

Informations at the phone number: +4012 - 224.14.27; 224.31.60
Fax: +4012 - 224.04.00 website:
E-mail: ;

25th of September 2002 - Between 20th and 22nd September, in Praid locality in Harghita county, took place the eighth edition of the International Meat balls in cabbage Festival., event organized by ANTREC - Harghita branch. The manifestation is organized one year in Romania and one year in Hungary.

25th of September 2002 - the Ministry of Tourism will open two new touristic promotion offices until the end of this year. One will be in Budapest and one in Warsaw.

14 September 2002 - beginning with 5 August 2002, you may do on-line reservations in over 500 hotels from all the world with the payment of services in lei. Details at:

14 September 2002 - between the 29th of September - 1rst of October will be organized for the first time in Romania:The Danube Tourism Scholarship - Die Donau, by the Ministry of Tourism - in partnership with the Touristic Promotion Association "Die Donau"

Partners:"Karpaten Turism" and "Prestige Tours". Demurrage: Parliament Palace - Bucharest. It's the eleventh edition of "Danube Scholarship". Its a business fair with closed circuit. Will have stall the mayors, European companies and all the riverside counties of the river. The Danube Tourism Scholarship - Die Donau is organized once every two years , by rotation in the member countries. The next manifestation: 2003 / Austria - Vienna and 2004 in Belgrade.

September the 2nd, 2002 - The National Tourism Stock Exchange (BNT 2002) organized by the Federation of the Tourism Headquarters together with the Chief Organization of the Watering Tourism from Romania will take place between the 2nd and the 5th of October 2002 in Poiana-Brasov with the support of the Investors Association from Poiana Brasov.

This scholarship is the only manifestation with national character in this domain organized for specialists and its purpose is the analysis of the 2002 season, the contracting of the rooms and negotiation of tariffs for New Year's Eve 2003, the contracting pf the rooms and negotiation of tariffs for 2003. Will participate the service providers (hotels, restaurants, conveyors), tourism agencies and tour - operators interested to conclude contracts for 2002-2003.

Within this manifestation, the tour-operators will present their offer of programs for reservations to the selling agencies.

August the 19th, 2002 - the Ministry of Tourism releases the social program "The Seacoast for Everyone" - the third edition. This program willbe developed between the 1rst and the 30th of September 2002, offering 20,440 rooms, the price of a sojourn of seven days being 449,000 lei in two star hotels and 559,000 lei at three star hotels.

August the 1rst, 2002 - The Federation of the Tourism Headquarters - F.T.P., has a new web page:

July the 31rst, 2002 - Between the 10th and the 11th of August, between the resorts Venus and Saturn will take place "The Rally of Mangalia" for the first time in our country (motor rally of the category "Grand Turism"). To this race will participate 20 cars among which Lamborghini, Ferrari...; the race has a duration of 2 hours and 60 laps on a distance of 6,5 kilometers.

July the 20th, 2002 - The hotel tax will be decided by the Local Councils (between 0.5% and 5%), and it will be applied to the accomodation tariffs of the hotels.

July the 15th, 2002 - A.N.T.R.E.C. - The National Association of Ecological Rural and Cultural Tourism has released the fourth edition of " The National Catalogue of Touristic and Agrotouristic Pensions".

July the 10th, 2002 - Through an order of the Minister of Tourism, Dan Matei Agathon, have been eliminated the taxes payed for the patenting, dismissing and classifying of physical and juridical persons from the tourism sector.

July the 10th, 2002 - The Sighisoara Festival - the 10th edition: betwen the 12th and the 14th of July, 2002.

June the 4th, 2002 - The Ministry of Tourism has released the program: "Cruise on the Danube".. The official release of the program will take place within "The Danube Tourism Stock Exchange" the will take place in Bucharest on the 29th of September - at the Parliament Palace.

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