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Useful informations :
Hotel taxe:5% from the value of a paied night , no matter is the time of the holiday.
Parking taxe:between 1 eur and 7 eur/ day ( depends on the place ).
Station taxe paied by a tourist for the entire holiday:2 euro
Taxe for sanitation service:1 euro/person/holiday
Lifegard taxe:1 euro/person- assure a normal workink of the public service called "Lifegard".

Description : maritime town- port, with more than 40.000 habitants, raised up in the zone of the maritime litoral, beeing a part of South Dobrogea plateau, situated to North of the maritime liman Mangalia.
The altitude of the town :between 0,5m in S-SE and 30m in NV.
This watering station is favourised by the climatic conditions( annual average temperature - 11,2C , in july raise to 26-28 C, and the annual average precipitations -377mm ) and by the presence of Mangalia Lake ( initialy separated by the sea, in present is a golf transformated by the human actions in 1953; 261 ha ; 9,5 km lenght ; 0,8 km breadth ; 13m maximal altitude ), who has in the north side mezotermal waters (26-28 C ) and sulphuric waters.

Natural factors for the tratament are:mezotermal waters, chlorine waters, water with bicarbonate , sapropelic mud extracted from Techirghiol Lake, peat mud extracted by the peat bog in town - all this are recomanded in the tratament of the reumatical affections , posttraumatical affections and neurological affections .The bases of the sanatorium are in the north side of the town - Sanatorial Complex Mangalia- and in south Watering Sanatorium (who dispose of warm baths with soulphuric waters and sea waters and mud baths).

The beach is very beautiful , with soft sand.

The town was raised up in the begining of VI century, beeing known like Callatis, by the greek colonists come from Heracleea Pontica, on the ancient place called Cerbatis.
Callatis City has a high touristic interes , beeing the keeper of a few vestiges:a fragment from the wall, built in II century . In the north of this vestiges , there is a greek necropolis, since IV-II aChr.Another necropolis , built in IV-VI pChr is situated in the west side of the city where is also a tumular necropolis attested since the Roman Age where were discovered in 1959 the "monumentum with papirus" dated in IVcentury aChr. In Mangalia there is also a sirian building attested since IV-VI aChr and the Mosquee Esmahan Sultan, built in XVI century.The Archeologic Museum Callatis, built in 1952 and reorganized in 1962, its building has like base the archelogic discoveries of some neolithic materials, greeks, romans etc.The Art Museum has painting , sculpture and graphic works.Colection of curiosities Mercurius contains a big number of pipes, watches, stamps and litographies.
The hotels are in a very big number.
Three km away from Mangalia and 500m away from the shore of the Black Sea , there is a very beautiful studd of horses- Mangalia studd( there is also a hipodrom ).

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