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Danube Delta


Danube Delta known as "the most recent land of Europe".

Danube Delta, very large region with a medium altitude( 31 cm), the biggest part of this area is under waters.It lies where the Danube river flows into the Black Sea.

Lenght: 5050 km(from which 4340 km lie on romanian teritoty and 710 km on Hungaria teritory);with easily flooded zones, sand banks, islets, backwaters and Razim-Sinoe lagoon.

The Danube Delta teritory who formed in quaternary age , in deep relation with level variations of Black Sea and deposits of mud brought by the Danube river , has the shape of a big equlateraly triangle, with about 80km each side.

The Danube river is divided (in Ismai region ) in two:Chilia branch and Tulcea branch and at a distance of about 17km downstreans , Tulcea branch divides (in St.Gheorghe area) in two:Sulina branch and St.Gheorghe branch. Between those three branches of the Danube, it lies the misterious lands of the Delta :sand banks( river sand banks like Chilia, Caraorman, Pardina , Stipoc; maritime sand banks like Letea , Saraturile, Crasnicol);streams (Sontea , Papadia, Litcov , Lopatna);lakes(Merhei, Mataita, Fortuna, Gorgova, Trei Ozere, Rosu, Rosulet, Puiu); swamps, etc.

The Danube Delta knew all over the time a continous avance towards the Black Sea, mostly in the area of the river mouths of the Danube, phenomen who was proved by the old far in St. Gheorghe commune who is, in present, over two miles away from the Black Sea actual beach.

Vegetation is very rich , made by reed thicket and sedges, by acvatic plants(water lily speialy). On the sand banks , there grows trees like wilow and poplars. On the maritime sand banks , there grow a vegetation of sands and salty- pasture lansds and also woods of oak, ash, elm and poplar. It grows too a lot of creepers like greek Periploca and Vitis silvestris,who can touch very big dimensions. Danube Delta is a very atractive objective for its very various faune of fish and birds. There are more than 300 species of birds :storks, wilde ducks and gooses, woodcocks, cormorants, egrets, swans, withe eagles-one of them being protected by low.

Danube Delta, as a special unity of relief , has some particular characteristics:

-is the most recent land of Romania;
-is the most compact zone of reeds ( about 240.000hectars);
-the most larges dunes of sand in Romania ( about 20.000hectars);
-the most largest beach on the romanian seaside of the Black Sea ( about 30km lenght;1-2km large);
-the biggest lake in Romania(Razim-415km);
-the biggest maritime sand bank (Letea-17.000hectars);
-the lower altitude in Romania (Sulina-3,5m);
-the most eastern town of Romania (Sulina-29 0 41'24"longitude east);
-the richest and the most various faune in Europe( over 300 species).

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