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Eforie Nord
tourism portal no 1 in Romania, add offers  unlimited

Overnamed "children station"-has an excelente beach and a tratament center-"Efosan"who has a big number of requests from foreign tourists(germans, french,dutch etc).

Station taxe for the entire holiday/tourist: 2 EURO
Taxe for the hotel: 5%from the value of a paied night , no matter is the time of the holiday.
Parking taxe: 1 EURO/day.

How you can arrive to hotel from the rail station...
-with a minibus- 0, 5 USD /person(between 7.00 - 11.00 and between 15.00- 21.00) on the way:Rail station- Poste- Neon Complex- Rondon-Belona-Debarcader- Delfin Hotel.

Description:Eforie is a town situated on the Black Sea litoral,on the maritime side of the plateau South Dobrogea,with almost 10.000 habitants,beeing devided in two parts situated at a distance of 4km away one of another:Eforie North and Eforie South.The first is a permanent watering and climatic station , beeing situated between sea and the north -east side of Techirghiol Lake.Eforie South is a permanente watering and climatic station too,situated on the litoral and on the limestone headland in the north of Tuzla field,between the cleave of the sea and Techirghiol Lake.The first setlement of mud baths was arranged in Eforie North in 1901 .
Eforie North station belonged to Techirghiol town untill 1933.In Eforie South, Movila Hotel (the station had been called for a while Baile Movila) will be inaugurated in 1899,the year when had started the construction of a setlement of warm baths ;since 1928 it has been declared watering station , called Carmen Sylva,beeing declared town the years between the two world wars.In 1966 the two towns were administrativly united.In Eforie North , there are many watering - medical establishments,with mud from Techirghiol Lake.Maritime beach has almost 4km lenght and 50-80m breadth.There are also a theatre and a cinema in free air,pools,sport fields, more than 40 hotels, minihotels,touristic stops.
In Eforie South there are also stabiliments with warm baths with the water in the lake and with baths in mud, a recovering sanatory and a orthopedic one,sport fields, more than 35 hotels, villas, touristic stops.

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